Blatt Skin Theme – Piggy Roblox

Blatt didn't have a theme – so I made one for them!
Want to find out the ? Here is the quickest and simplest method:

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  1. Blatt has a theme, you have to get a kill first before it plays! But great theme!

    1. ​@@adventureswithhumanbut its not real a theme its just some creppy sounds ya know?

    2. @@IamborINg still considered a theme, it’s a ambience coming out of them.

    1. Pandy needs a theme too, as well as bess! Both of them dont have a theme

  2. I love this theme 5/5 stars i think this is the best Piggy skin Theme so far😍🤩😎🤑🎵🎶💖🎹!

  3. This is absolutely incredible! I really hope this ends up being used in game because i would adore this theme!!

  4. I love this fan skin concept track, you put your all into everything you do

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