Ed Sheeran Eyes Closed Piano Tutorial! (Beginner)

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If you have been searching for a look no further since this one will teach you the entire tune quickly and accurate. This is therefore the only Ed Sheeran Eyes Closed you will ever require. If you want to find out the Ed Sheeran Eyes Closed piano or perhaps the Eyes Closed guitar it's most convenient if you look at the blue lines for the left hand in this midi version of Eyes Closed.

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Ed Sheeran Eyes Closed Piano ! (Beginner)

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    1. Man you sound like my wife… seriously though, in my opinion, unless you want to become like a concert pianist, the position of the fingers on the piano is a personal thing and is highly dependent on hand size and flexibility. So just do what feels right to you!

    2. @Marks Piano – PGN Piano Yeah man, but is much more easy and fast to follow the tutorials if we see the finger position, especially the tricky parts.

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