RIP oof, Hello ouch! – The New Roblox Death Sound Remix

Had to renovate the song oof because they've gone and eliminated the sound!
oof, I suggest … oops. Does not seem like ouch though …
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#oof #ouch #robloxdeathsound #robloxdeathnoise

, Hello ouch! – The New Sound Remix

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  1. Guys if u not updated your roblox, you can still hear oof sound:D

  2. Yeah I was so suprised when I heard this ouch instead of oof. I thought the game has an issue or something 😅

  3. Why does this sound soo good? I know the death sound is somewhat bad (but kinda funny), but the classic oof will always remain in our hearts and minds of Robloxian players.

  4. it atleast sound good but why does ouch doesn’t even sound like ouch more like ooh

  5. imagine in 2025 u looking up a video where it has a single oof sound, “nostalgic”

  6. Es demasiado triste decirle adiós al oof 😭 pero ahora tendre que acostumbrarme al nuevo sonido ouch de Roblox 😄

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