Sticking Out Your Gyatt For the Rizzler – Piano Vampire REMIX

Sticking out your gyatt for the rizzler
You're so skibidi
You're so fanum tax
I just wan na be your sigma
Freaking come here
Offer me your Ohio
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Sticking Out Your Gyatt For the Rizzler – Vampire REMIX

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  1. Piano Vampire: Makes banger music and is an absolute chad
    Piano Rizzpire: bad songs, steals children

  2. Piano Vampire, I love you, but we’re gonna have to put you down for this one.

  3. What they do to my boy piano vampire 😭😭
    Bro blink twice if a 9 year old is holding you hostage

  4. The army <8 year olds army have abducted Piano Vampire with their white van with with the sides painted to look like piano keys just to make this song a thing.

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