The Chainsmokers – High | Piano Cover by Pianella Piano

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The Chainsmokers – | Piano by

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  1. Hi guys, enjoy my piano cover of The Chainsmokers new song “High”. Love the drop! Love the theme! Hope you guys like my piano version

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  2. I had been waiting for this cover ever since this song was released!! You did an amazing work covering this💜💜💜 it sounds so good!

  3. It’s so good ☺️☺️
    I Also learn piano and hearing these makes me fell so good💕💕

  4. Hello could you please do a cover of “this could be a dream” by Aurora? Keep up the amazing work 💙💙💙

  5. Hello, I love you very much, you are my inspiration. I’m a 14 year old Indian girl who plays the keyboard and sings..I learned a few song from your covers like pretty savage drunk dazed etc.. but at some places where I wasn’t able to play like you did.. I changed them a bit so that I don’t make a mistake in playing it…. I took help for drunk dazed from your cover.. once, I was watching your cover of Alone pt II on the tv and my dad saw it and he was amazed by your playing skills he told me to make my fingers fluent and flexible like yours… and told to earn the exercises from my paternal grandpa as he has a lot of knowledge of music…🥲🥲 You inspire me to play like you … and I love the fact that you just make the covers in a few hours.. love you Jova Musique💜💜💜🥺🥺

  6. I haven’t heard this song before till today but this is like totally amazing keep it up can’t wait for the next cover

  7. I’v been in 💛 with your left hand since day 1. Those rhythmic bassline changes are so amazing Jova 👌👍

  8. My most awaited song 💜💜
    I’ve been waiting for this song since so long
    Tysm pianella love this cover💖💖

  9. this sounds so good. I mean your every music arrangement is fantastic. Thank you👏🔥

  10. Hola Pianella (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤, podrías hacer un cover de PS5…la canción es de Alan Walker, Salen Ilese junto a Yeonjun y Taehyung de TXT. La canción es maravillosa, serial genial escucharla en piano 😍.

  11. Wow, another one of Chainsmokers, and as expected its fantastic, I enjoyed this song on piano played and magically performed by Jova, this song is of Chainsmokers, your piano cover is icing with a cherry on top, thank you so much for this, love you Jova❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜

  12. So in love with your covers! Have you ever thought abou making a piano version of Halo- beyonce ? That would be so nice

  13. Awesome 🔥! I know for a fact we’re in for a treat cuz they’re releasing their 4th album later this year

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