Willow’s Requiem – Official Soundtrack – Piggy: Branched Realities Chapter 2

Here is the tune I made for Chapter 2.
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Willow's Requiem – Official Soundtrack – Piggy: Branched Realities Chapter 2

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    1. @The Inquitous One people with brain cells know that it’s a fan game, chill out.

    1. Let’s not think that she’s not in the tomb, so it could be that someone took her body and made the bone ax for Doggy or she didn’t die and escaped the tomb through a hole that makes sense.

    2. Why doesn’t the camera show the whole tomb just a part and the part it doesn’t show might have a hole right?

  1. I saw this part in the ending and was so shocked bc doggy isn’t really the person you would see do that to someone

  2. This soundtrack is great Piano Vampire!
    But now I’m getting flashbacks ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ

  3. Fun fact: Willow’s body is not there anymore because they used her bones to make the axe

    1. @mist Damn, can they just leave Willow’s corspe alone? She got hit in the head with an axe, her bones were made into a weapon for the person who killed her, what’s next use her freaking wolf meat so Doggy can eat her?

  4. Willow lost some brain cells after that hit
    Oh wait
    She lost her life anyway

  5. I was so stunned to see Willow get axed by Doggy. It was… wow.
    And now, in this universe, Willow is no longer part for Piggy.

    What a waste of a good character.

    1. You do know chapter 3 has nothing to do with chapter 2 right? None of the chapters are comnected that means Willow can litterly be alive in chapter 3.

    1. well….she tried to infect the doggy and the officer, it just wasn’t because pony broke the flask of infected liquid, and infected George ok for you, but really she didn’t deserve this terrible death,But gone, sadly willow died.


  6. Remember, willow is still alive in regular piggy, and this is why doggy got infected in Chapter 4, cuz if not, willow would have died.

    1. But this game and the normal Piggy are different universes but what can I do? maybe you’re right, because Willow can’t have died in the 2nd chapter

  7. Guys, remember. Willow is dead in this specific reality, there are other realities where willow could come back, so don’t be sad

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