Avid – 86 / Eighty Six (Episode 22 version) ED [Piano]

Sheet music will be uploaded in the next 24 hr!

This piano arrangement of Avid is directly influenced by episode 22 of the anime series. It has most likely among the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen in a TV anime and the emotional rollercoaster was merely overwhelming. The last 2 episodes of was delayed for three months however in exchange we got a cinema-level of anime production– absolutely worth it.

The official name for the OST used in ep 22 is called Voices of the Chord and it's basically an orchestral variation of the tune Avid. My piano plan is based on the full size of Avid however I have actually modified the circulation of the music a little bit to make it more cinematic, including a crucial modification in 4:08. I also utilized numerous orchestration techniques in this piano arrangements to fully capture the appeal of episode 22.

① New pedaling strategy
Fitting to the lyrics of Avid(" it calls, it calls"), I let the piano "resonate" its noise a bit more than normal by mainly using half pedal throughout the performance and launching the sustain pedal really slowly for longer notes. This produces an extremely intriguing "combined harmonic", which gradually clears up by itself till only a very few notes remain. It can be heard in 1:47, 4:04, and 5:02.

② "Vacuum" in the music
Considering that the main character Shinei has actually earned the title of "pale horse" during his long responsibility on the battleground, I can not possibly imagine the amount of isolation he is feeling, especially if he is being left again. The 2nd verse in 1:49 shows the emptiness of Shinei's mind and the melody is broken up into small pieces, never reaching its complete tune.

③ The "miracle" in the flower field
[ep. 22 spoilers] In one of the final scenes of the anime, Shinei has actually accepted his fate and the music in 3:38 suddenly drops to a bare minimum, gradually decreasing until almost absolutely nothing is left in 4:01. Then, the essential change in 4:08 takes place: This is the minute where Major Milize enter the battleground and Shinei's destiny is changed forever. The landscape all of a sudden alters from a blue sea of Bugs into a gorgeous red flowerbed.

Throughout this climax, the left hand is striking the lower bass notes for the first time to attain a huge orchestral sound while the right hand is playing a secondary melody (consisting of thirds and fourths) to represent the red spider lilies dancing in the wind. This is the minute I was waiting for in the anime. This is the minute why I live for Anime and Anime music. And this is why anime is simply the best.
[/ep. 22 spoilers]
Alright, thank you for reading this week's "Animenz explains!" It has been an actually, truly very long time given that I was that moved by an anime episode and I hope I can experience more moments like this once again in the future. A minute where "whatever simply feels right".

Thank you for seeing my piano plan and see you in the next video again!

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Piano arrangement by Animenz.

Original Tune: Avid ()/ Voices of the Chord (OST).
Anime: (Eighty 6).
Published by: Sacra Music (2021 ).
Composed by: .
Carried out by: mizuki [nZk]/ Gemie.
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Avid – 86 / (Episode 22 version) ED [Piano]

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  1. So hype for this arrangement. I was waiting for this everyday since I first heard this song in 86. It will be so great if there are “Voice of the Chord” and “LilaS” next

    1. @DokterKaj Ys Bt still there are some different between them. A different version of avid

  2. I have waited for an Animenz arrangement of Avid for quite some time! Finally it’s here!

  3. Ever since I first heard “Avid” I’ve been hoping you’d do a cover on it. This is amazing!

  4. The anime left me feeling some way I can’t describe, glad it’s finally getting recognition.

  5. All of 86’s endings are amazing but Avid really hits you in the feelings, especially considering the meaning of it

  6. I’m been waiting Avid from animenz for years!
    Finally my wish came true! *Buys sheet music without hesitation

  7. I think the slow orchestra version in ep 22 is the “voice of the chord”. Anyways, looks like we got Avid x Voice of the chord feels in this arrangement

  8. If Animenz covers a Sawano masterpiece, you already know it’s going to be good.

    1. you are everywhere. I recognize you even if you change your PP myboy

  9. Amazing cover!
    I totally agree that ep 22 was just beautiful. I personally believe it is the most cinematically original and creative episode of anime i’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot, considering i’ve watched over 600 anime in my lifetime)
    Fyi, the song in the episode during the emotional climax isn’t an orchestral version of Avid, but an OST called Voices of the Chord. Technically speaking, i guess it is an orchestral Avid with english vocals, but Sawano had it in the OST from the beginning. Voices of the Chord was first heard in the recap episode of 86 part 1 (at the very end, where Lena heads to the dorm and discovers the messages left behind with the picture.)
    I personally prefer Voices of the Chord much more, as it’s more orchestral and has a deeper sound to it.

    Edit: for those wondering why i’m suddently talking about this ‘orchestral avid’, go read the description. Animenz only knew the song as such, so i’m just trying to let him know the title of the soundtrack he tried to cover.

    Edit 2: Animenz changed the description now, so you don’t have to pay attention to this comment anymore haha

    Edit 3: Just wanted to share a fun fact to people: Did you know that Lena’s nickname “Bloody Regina” is just her first name (Vladilena) but with an extra syllable?
    If you pronounce her name the Japanese way, it goes: Bla-di-re-na.
    Bloody Regina the Japanese pronunciation is: Bla-di Re-gi-na.
    I was mindblown when i first realized this hahahaha

    1. @Haruto Kurogane Hahaha you are so expert about anime do you only life for anime bro?

    2. im not that guy but i think its just a hobby. i found people in the review section of c e book readers” saying they read over 500 books with it =after buying it. so 500 animes arent that much. i personally watched between 70 and 80. i think im watching alot anime.

    3. @Haruto Kurogane yes i think theo ask it too, why lena called bloody regina

    4. @Haruto Kurogane Regina is an anime quirk. Because originally (from the Novel) it’s Bloody Reina, and has been localized as such. Does not invalidate the point where it’s a play on her name, and personally I like Regina better

    5. @RN 00175 Huh, interesting. Thanks for clarifying!
      Still, in the end it isn’t the anime’s english localization team’s fault, since it’s the Japanese production team who decided to change from the novel🤷‍♂

      Edit: Oh wait, nevermind. I just looked it up on the wiki, and this is what it says:
      Bloody Reina is a play on her full name of Vladilena and her moniker of “The Bloodstained Queen”. The original Japanese was written as Bloody Regina (ブラッディレジーナ, Buraddirejīna). The Latin word Regina was substituted with the Spanish word Reina in the English translation, as the translator felt that Bloody Reina was phonetically closer to Vladilena.

      So technically, the original japanese version as intended by the author is Bloody Regina, but the novel’s english translator changed to Bloody Reina (which, i’ll say, is a stupid move. A translator isn’t supposed to change stuff like that so easily).
      But then the anime kept using Bloody Regina (for obvious reasons), and the English subs kept it as Regina as well (again, for obvious, smart reasons)

  10. Initially I thought the final chorus would be classic Animenz runs everywhere, but that key modulation was something I didn’t expect, whew! Didn’t expect melodic Animenz this arrangement, but it’s also a lot better than I expected!

  11. The 4ths at 4:09 are beautiful. All the voices included are so simple, yet so much to the arrangement. Amazing work.

  12. Holy crap, that last part 4:08… It was so emotional, I nearly fell off my chair! Truly wonderful. Good job as always!

  13. Avid and Voices of the Chord are such brilliant songs, their lyrics brings so much feelings. Never in my life have I heard such an emtional and beautiful songs like them. And as always Animenz nailed it, the cover not only touch our hearts but it also changed our soul. Hiroyuki Sawano would be very proud if he see this, absolutely amazing.☺💕💯

  14. It has been a while since I have fell in love with a single episode in an anime series but episode 22 of Eighty Six absolutely deserves all the praise it gets. Thank you for listening to my special piano version of Avid!

    1. Guess what?

      Imma watch that certain ep for another 25 times till im satisfied

  15. I have listened like 5 versions of piano cover for 86, and this one by far on a whole different level

  16. 3:25 – Animenz’s playing is so good at the level that even when I have closed Youtube, just by replaying the arrangement in my head makes me shiver like I listen to it the first time. Not gonna lie, I mean wtf, for many other covers, how is that even possible 🙂

    For this song, at my first time listening to it, I believe it will be pretty hard to cover on piano because the chorus lacks many things that other OP/ED has for an anime pianist to arrange. I expected Animenz to play a broken chord (or short arpeggio?) after the melody, and I was right ! As he recently has been using this technique like in Bios’ choruses.

  17. Another anime in the record books, with the novels being just as good. It has been quite a while since a series had conveyed that much emotional impact, resonance and purity in just a span of a few episodes.

    The Grim reaper has finally reunited with his Bloodstain Queen, while Bloody Reina has finally seen face to face her Prince Charming. The catharsis of their reunion is beyond words, with the soundtracks, facial expressions being perfect. You can really tell Animenz was feeling the music with this piece and thanks for covering it!

    Well done to A1 pictures, Toshimasa Ishii, and all the other voice actors for procuring another masterpiece. To be expected of the studio that made us cry in your lie in april and anohana. Hopefully there will be at least an announcement of season 2 and release of volume 10 soon.

    Definitely will be listening to this and LilaS over and over again. The capital L representing Lena and S representing Shin. Two people from completely different backgrounds yet are also so perfect for one another.

  18. this song by itself is incredible but played by your hands it is something indescribable, i could feel all tue emotion it brings while playing in the anime. You are the best!!! and always it will be

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