Idol – Oshi no Ko OP [Piano] / YOASOBI

It's been a while, everybody! I organized one of the most intriguing anime songs of this season, "" by . The first episode of "Oshi no Ko" was absolutely famous and it's probably among the best story introductions I have actually ever seen.

The OP "" pair with the anime extremely well, because the lyrics retells Ai Hoshino's rise to stardom and her sufferings perfectly. I tried my finest to catch the atmosphere on the as well.

① "HAI! HAI! HAI! HAI!". I definitely like the background shouts of the initial tune, which is an important aspect in any idol concerts. You can hear it in my plan as a secondary melody in 0:49, 1:09 and 3:03. In reality, after listening to "Idol "lot of times, I can't assist however shout the" HAI! HAI! HAI! HAI!" as well – it's just too addicting.

② Rap 1: The jealousy of the other members (fast "Beethoven" runs).
I tried to use some classical methods to make the rap sound a little bit more melodious on the . It was very important for me to represent the dark feelings of the song lyrics as much as possible with my classical style plan.

The rotating small scale in 1:19 is influenced by a Beethoven Sonata, however it likewise completely mirrors the rapping rhythm of the initial song. The chord progression has likewise been customized in 1:26 (Am-C-F-E) to include a little bit more spice to the music.

Since the rapping is getting more extreme in the second half, I changed to quick arpeggio runs in 1:31. I truly like the chord progression (Am-G #- G-F #) of the first verse in 0:32 which's why I chose to reuse it here again.

③ Rap 2: Ai's strong will and resolution (sluggish "Bolero" drums).
For the last rapping part in 2:05, I wanted to emphasize the drums beats of the initial song and didn't consist of any main melody this time. I think it develops the suspense extremely perfectly and it serves a great musical contrast with the chorus. I likewise somewhat extended the expression in 2:28 too to provide the bridge a more classical style closure.

⚠ [↓ Spoiler alert for episode 1 ↓]
③ Ai's very first and last "I enjoy you".
I seem like 3:14 is the true message of the tune and that's why I played the tail end really carefully. Particularly the last words "Aishiteru" 3:18 is had fun with a little portato expression, as if Ai's words are slowly fading. It was actually touching to see how Ai has finally communicated her real love to her children in her really last moment. Excuse me while I get some tissues once again…

⚠ [↑ Spoiler alert for episode 1 ↑]
Alright, that would be everything about this piano plan! Thank you so much for checking out! It was really enjoyable to translate the rap parts into the piano. I can't wait to see how the story of "Oshi no Ko" establishes after the legendary very first episode!

With that stated, I am currently planning my next upload for this month also!
See you next time then.

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Piano arrangement by Animenz.

Original Tune: Idol.
Anime: Oshi no Ko.
Released by: (2023 ).
Made up by: YOASOBI (Ayase).
Performed by: YOASOBI (Ikura).
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Authorities Animenz Sheet Music Book (Released by YAMAHA).

Digital Sheet Music:.

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Idol – Oshi no Ko OP [Piano] / YOASOBI

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  1. I am so hyped ! You always arrange the actual songs, how are you so fast ? So much skill haha !

  2. I hope you enjoyed your break animenz!! It was well deserved and everybody is awaiting your awesome music again!! This arrangement is gonna be great!

    1. I really need to say, this pieces perish me the thought of continuing practising “sincerely”

    2. Yeah, he spend months to make ultimate 200 songs medley. He deserve his break and we all know that his comeback will be epic.

  3. im excited to hear what animenz did with the rapping parts of the song. so far, there have been no youtube pianists who were able to create something half decent out of those passages.

  4. I’m literally 99% sure that animenz will do the rapping parts justice, probably the hardest parts to arrange.

    1. There were a ton of classical techniques in this piece, which reminded me of your old days when you arranged with a lot of classical influence.

  5. The king is back! Glad to hear your arrangement again! I and everyone would have waited for you. Now it’s time to enjoy your performance!!

  6. The legendary 1st episode was a whole rollercoaster ride 🥺 Nonetheless the song bops so much! Looping it every day!

  7. This absolutely clears the original song for me. Everything about it is one step further and I love it.

  8. I am finally back again on YouTube!
    This time the sheet is available already and I also added lyrics for this video!
    Hope you enjoyed my arrangement of YOASOBI’s “Idol”!
    Feels good to be back again (´・ω・`)

    1. Please do the suzume or cyberpunk-i reallywant to stay at your house pleasee👉🏻👈🏻

  9. To be able to translate all of these openings to something that gives me goosebumps every time… That is talent right there. Nailed it!

  10. Welcome back, Animenz~‎⋆꙳⟢🪐˖⊹

    I remembered in one of the Livestreams, Animenz said he would want to try arranging songs with people rapping (e.g. Renai Circulation), I’m glad that he has finally done it here, and in such a surprisingly unexpected way (not unlike the plot turns in the 1st episode), that “classical rap” now is my favorite part!!

    Btw…Is it just me, or this piano arrangement sounds like Animenz performing a very new type of elegant Otagei, like Aqua and Ruby did in the Anime? Haha ( ゚∀゚)o彡゜ハイ!( ゚∀゚)o彡゜ハイ!

    It’s a very unique experience, hearing my own idol playing “idol” :b As it says in the song and the anime, I believe piano music is a way for Animenz to express his love to us and the world╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

    1. wow you really donated, what a nice thing to do! and yes i definitely agree with you words 🙂 and it sure is a hard thing to arrange parts with the rap parts, but animenz never fails!

  11. Although some may not like anime music, they must admit the fact that…

    Animenz’s piano skills and techniques are at GOD TIER. UNDOUBTEDLY.

    THANK YOU, ANIMENZ! Even though you took a long break, your passion for arranging anime music hasn’t changed at all, and you continued to create HQ piano videos for almost 13 years ❤ And that’s HARD to keep on.

    Oh btw, the rapping part ( 1:21 ) is 🐐


  12. Good to see you back to the YouTube , Animenz Sensei❤️ This is DEFINITELY AMAZING arrangement! We hope you can keep moving, and bring more and more amazing songs to us. Again, welcome BACK, Animenz Sensei🌟

    很高興見到你回來,Animenz!這絕對是令人驚嘆的安排!我們希望您能繼續前進,並為我們帶來更多更好聽的歌曲。再次歡迎回來YouTube ,Animenz 老師🌟

  13. Welcome back! I’ve missed the periodic updates and am excited to see what you have in store for us next!

    Finessed touch and dynamic control are what really sell this cover for me:
    – The intentional stepping down of volume at 0:33, 0:39 and 0:44 almost feel like you’re turning down a volume knob each time. So clean!
    – Are you SpiderAnimenz? Because those second verse licks sure make me feel like it. The 1:22 tremolos feel spider like, and then turn into silky smooth runs at 1:32.
    – A nice cross-piece call and response using bell tones in the RH at 1:09, and then bringing them back in the LH at 3:03!
    – 2:05 the surprising lightness in right hand contrasts heaviness in LH bass. feels like a processional march!
    – 2:32 cute way to lightly end the phrase
    – 2:43 slick key change

  14. いつもながらに原曲と原作に対するリスペクトを感じられる最高のアレンジでした!0:28 の原曲で流れている8bit音の再現とか、リアルアキバボーイズのシャウト部分(0:49 1:09 1:54 3:03)をしっかりと再現されていたりとかしてRAB好きとして至高でした!!!しかも0:49 と 3:03は左手の打鍵で、1:09 と 1:54 はAnimenzさんのお家芸とも言えるthree-hand techniqueで再現していて、バリエーションを持たせているのが個人的にブッ刺さりました。ラップパートに至ってはさすがAnimenzさんと言わんばかりのクラシカルな編曲で、アイドルという現代的な音楽との対比がものすごくかっこよかったです!2:17 からの照明演出に関しても、原曲の歌詞に合わせてアクア(青色)→ルビー(赤色)→アイ(紫色)の順で変化していく演出も最高です!!

  15. Finally, after 4 months… I’ve been constantly checking your channel once in a while for new uploads. And the wait was worth it, you returned with a cover of one of my most listened songs on Spotify. Additionally, to think that I’d see Animenz include some classical techniques/influence in a cover after a long while. I was curious to see how you’d arrange and pull off the rapping part. And as expected, you did it justice.

  16. I am so unbelievably pleased with the creative choices you took in this arrangement, it’s wonderful!!

  17. アイドル様、お帰りなさい! 👏👏👏
    The song is full of various fast changes and RAP which is difficult to challenge with piano…Tonight’s premiere of Animenz’s 《Idol》has a unique and elegant version of darkness.
    It’s different from all the pianists’ cover styles.
    If the YOASOBI version of 《Idol》 is a master storyteller,
    then the piano version of Animenz is a master at uncovering the emotions hidden underneath the lyrics!
    There are actually different characters taking turns to speak in the lyrics. I’ll share my initial thoughts so far.

    1:21 Some rapidly rising cluster of sounds arrives, just as the member of the girl group emotions about アイ love and hate run high.
    1:28 This is a particularly interesting use of classical techniques to deal with RAP, and after listening to it several times it seems to have a musical theater-like atmosphere.
    The melody line reminds me of the lyrics that describe the member of the girl group talking about her latent jealousy one line after another (the elegant melody is as if everyone is deliberately keeping the group’s apparent peace and harmony) The other side of jealousy is actually the admiration for アイ.

    2:07 The use of Ravel: Bolero to present this RAP is really a genius idea!
    The simple drums in the original song turned into the rhythm of “Bolero”, It perfectly creates an air of mystery and dramatic tension in the music.
    得意の笑顔で沸かすメディア 隠しきるこの秘密だけは
    愛してるって嘘で積むキャリア これこそ私なりの愛だ

    2:37 The lyrical moment after the hustle and bustle is Animenz’s specialty~
    誰かに愛されたことも 誰かのこと愛したこともない
    そんな私の嘘がいつか本当になること 信じてる
    The gentleness of the piano shows that the lying アイ actually has a more sincere heart than many people!

    3:03-3:18 The last part of the lyrics directly present the plot of the anime, and the real feelings of アイ are heartbreaking…
    今日も嘘をつくの この言葉が
    いつか本当になる日を願って それでもまだ
    Animenz uses the right hand octave for the final emotional progression. The performance after 3:14 gives a final recap of the last few lyrics that broke the hearts of all the audience (It is also the line of アイ) 😢 I was very impressed with the way Animenz arranged this part.
    あぁ、やっと言えた これは絶対嘘じゃない 愛してる

    This arrangement has Animenz signature style classical arrangement, a unique masterpiece✨
    After four months of absence, we once again confirm that アイドル様、you love for anime music is definitely not a lie.

    PS. Looking forward to hearing more OST or Special Medley arrangements this year as well🙏

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