Kyouran Hey Kids!! – Noragami Aragoto OP [Piano] / THE ORAL CIGARETTES

It's time for another traditional song: Kyouran Hey Kids!! from Noragami Aragoto! The fast guitar tune is actually challenging to play but I did my finest to consist of both the voice and the instrument tune in this plan!

My next plan is going to be an opening tune from this present season! Look forward to it next week!

( longer video description operate in progress, the sheet will be submitted too!).

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plan by Animenz.

Initial Tune: Kyouran Hey Kids !!/ 狂乱 Hey Kids !!
Anime: Noragami Aragoto/ ノラガミ ARAGOTO.
Published by: A-Sketch Inc. (2015 ).
Made up by: Takuya Yamanaka/ 山中 拓也.
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#noragami #kyouranheykids #noragamiaragoto.

Kyouran Hey Kids!! – Noragami Aragoto OP [Piano] / THE ORAL CIGARETTES

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHH ANIMENZ!!!!! I am so looking forward to this song!!!!
    It feels like another masterpiece to me even though I haven’t heard the arrangement <3

    1. @Animenz Piano Sheets just heard the arrangement. Definitely going to learn, looks a lot of fun to play.

    2. @Ichihoshis A tenth is a Chord stretching 10 notes for example from c to e, which can be hard for people with small hands to Play.

    3. @Victor Vismark Larsen Oh yeah I see! It’s quite biased for people with big hands.😆Thanks!

    1. The manga will be done soon and it isn’t that long so maybe that helps for people who don’t want to read/watch thousands of chapters/episodes.

  2. Animenz always motivate me to go home and start practicing . Now he motivated me to go hospital and fix my broken hands.

  3. Yayy, Animenz finally fulfills my request from his first Livestream ! Thanks Animenz.
    See, you guys just keep requesting your favourite songs, he surely reads them all.
    “Waiting is happiness”.

    So btw Animenz, if you need more requests please tell and I’ll show you my 100+ want-Animenz-to-do songs wishlist :^)

    1. Someone already said it, but Black Rover is one of my favorite anime openings. Also, a video game request… Life Will Change from Persona 5.

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets
      Four songs by Suzuki Masayuki from Kaguya-sama.
      Why say four?
      Because I guess Kaguya-sama movie are also sing by him.

    3. @Animenz Piano Sheets
      Get wild とsaoのANiMAが聞きたいです😁😃😄😊☺

    4. @Animenz Piano Sheets Are you ready?
      If we’re going with nostalgia, definitely something from yuyu hakusho, either the ubiquitous Opening, or my favorite ED is Sayonara Byebye.
      If not then, my first place push is the Op from “Ballroom he youkoso”, Amazing anime, very fun upbeat and catchy song.

  4. I was waiting for this arrangement for a year. He once showed his work over it on his stream long time ago and since then I’m waiting for publishing

  5. I will NEVER understand how you have enough time to finish animes, memorize the openings enough to transcribe them, and make these “masterpieces”.

    You’re the proof of Einstein’s Relativity.

    1. He has some time
      It doesn’t take that much time to watch it
      It can be done in 1 or 2 days if you only do that
      Plus he is a genius so he can create masterpieces like this more easily than other people

  6. “Just wanna hold your hands”
    “Not now sir I’m tryna learn this Animenz’s Kyouran Hey Kids piano arrangement”

  7. В вашем языке нет настолько ярких слов, как вы играете, как бы это обидно не звучало. It’s amazing!!!

    1. Вполне есть… В японском слов намного больше, чем в русском даже😄

  8. We are once again reminded that Animenz never disappoints.

    That solo and those glisses were amazing. 11/10 would watch again

  9. I hope we can see a 3rd season of Noragami soon! This OP is simply too awesome, hahaha.

    1. i want there to be a season 3, but the chances are pretty low considering it was released a while back

    2. The immediate next season is political incorrectness central right off the bat. It won’t ever get made.

  10. Im not a music person but in this cover i can hear every note that the actual song had and it blows my mind how accurate it is

  11. I love this performace so much, it’s been a good while since the last time I enjoyed one of your videos this much! sure the song being a banger is part of the reason why, but the way you played it made me feel very nostalgic, it’s as if I have rediscovered your channel all over again

    1. I think it’s the power of nostalgia, haha.
      I have been looping this song for years in my music playlist and it just feels amazing to play one of your favorite anime song on the piano again.

  12. Kyouran Hey Kids is already a banger, but the arrangement looks like a lot of fun too! Can’t wait to learn this.

  13. I lost count of the amount of commented requests for you to do this song xD, I’m glad that the long awaited arrangement is finally here and it’s an absolute banger!
    On the topic of classic anime songs, I would love to hear you play the legendary opening from GTO.

    1. I am slowly working on all the requests from the past, especially the frequently requested songs!
      And yeah, I love “Drivers High” as well. One day, I will arrange it

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets new request: some songs from vivy fluorite eyes song (the one you think will do best in piano version)

    1. For some reason, I read
      “the moving Bassline is cooked to perfection”
      I should stop reading food blogs, haha

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets 😂😂😂
      Exactly, what comes to my mind in perfection is food 😅

  14. This is such a milestone, it’s really an underrated op that’s never been covered on a piano this well and will never be, jeeez

  15. Genial arreglo e interpretación!, De por sí, la canción es genial, y está versión a piano, la cereza del pastel!

  16. my birthday is next month but you already gave me the gift Animenz, this is my favorite anime opening!! you are the best<3

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