Learn 7 Sweet Jazz Piano Chords

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Here's the link to this complimentary video lesson This jazz lesson utilizes 1 basic triad to construct 7 different . This lesson features a great deal of the basic principles behind . The lesson includes a variety of small , significant chords, and dominant chords. You can go to the site to download the chart.

Learn 7 Sweet Jazz

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  1. Hey I really appreciate your channel and teaching style, it’s very personable and simple to understand. I’m sure you will help tons of people learn jazz piano with these videos.

  2. This is excellent. I was trained classically as a child for ten years. I’m not native to jazz. But the way you are presenting these lessons on the structures of the chords, it makes perfect sense, and is really easy to put together based on the structural approach you are suggesting. Really helpful.

  3. Thank you Marquis. So happy to hear you enjoyed the lesson! Much more to come 🙂

  4. a nice jazz lesson for me. I want to introduce myself to jazz, even i started as a pianist in a church. i want to have an innovation to my music, and this improvisations impressed me a lot. Im currently working on jazz arrangements, and it help me. thanks bro.

  5. Everything is plain to see and hear! Excellent. I’m learning a lot (and practicing too)

  6. Past week I’ve been dieing to learn some jazz chords, and I’m so glad I stumbled across your video! I know what I’ll be doing for the next few months! Thanks a lot for not being verbose in the instruction as well, really helped 🙂

  7. Some very cool sounds! One thing: was surprised to hear that you don’t use the minor 7th chord that much in jazz, since it’s basically the 2 of 2-5-1 sequences.

    1. I think he means he would add some extensions to the minor 7 sound rather than not use the chord at all

  8. this is why I prefer to listen to jazz over classical. The chords just sound so rich and soothing. Wonderful

  9. That D minor 11th gives me chills. I’ve been watching your videos and well its time for me to sign up to your classes!

    1. @TheDvsoldier Thank you. I look forward to sharing music with you on a higher level!

    2. @Freejazzlessons.com What was that chord you played at 8:24, it’s a beautiful chord

  10. The most beautiful chords I’ve ever heard. Always loved jazz but never realised how these chords were created until now. Simple when you know how. Many thanks. You’ve just upped my game in a big way!

  11. Definitely one of the best no nonsense jazz chord videos on YouTube.

    At 4:26 the move from E7 #9 13 to Am7 9 (dunno if that’s the name) is something I always hear but can’t reproduce.

  12. I love these videos – just like in this video – it’s really helpful when you show how you can use these chords in context – show examples etc. 🙂

  13. Yes. Yes. YESSS~!! I finally found someone on here that takes the time to apply the chords immediately with the theory to create an easy-to-understand visual aide for us sight learners. Thanks a lot for the lessons and I’ll definitely be checking out your website. You earned yourself a sub~!!

  14. I really liked the video and your beautiful chords! I’m just wondering how to progress these chords. Is there some other video that I can refer to for placing the chords in order?

    1. +Peter Song Hi Peter. Yes, lots of additional training on the Freejazzlessons.com website. Are you on our email list? That’s a good way to start learning more about chord progressions and tunes.

  15. Thank you for this great resource! Very accessible for beginners and advanced pianists alike.

    1. +Li-San Loves You’re welcome. Great to have you as a member of the community.

  16. This is eye opening for me! I’m not as afraid to approach jazz now. You’ve got a new subscriber, my man!

    Thank you 🙂

    1. say what is the name of that jazz song? I’ve been hearing it several times

  17. this is exactly what I needed to hear. my piano has been very limited to basic chords (most complex being 7th chords). I’m an edm producer and can’t wait to use some of these! **subscribed and liked**

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