Prayer & Quiet Time: 3 Hour Piano Instrumental Worship | Meditation Music

Piano Praise Music for prayer, meditation, peaceful time and relaxation.
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Prayer & Quiet Time: 3 Hour Piano Instrumental Worship | Meditation Music

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  1. I enjoy listening to what God has put in your heart. I us it at church for prayer/service time and when I’m praying alone and talking with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Please, keep praying for my wife and our marriage and our children’s, for our restoration is around the corner. In Jesus’ name, Amen!!! God Bless you, your family and home and the ministry God has trusted you with. Much love from the Cardona Family. Amen…

  2. What a blessing to be able to enjoy such an incredible gift. Truly so beautiful & it brings such peace to my soul before heading to bed! Thank you 🙏🏻


  4. Blessing Brother Dappy Tim God bless You thank You for your music who keep me closer to God and help me pass througt that situation

  5. I pray this music and scriptures are a blessing to you. Be encouraged. Remember to subscribe and share with others. God bless

  6. I love the gift that the Father has given to you and that you share it with us. I play it when I pray and I listen to lt all night .God bless and keep you in his loving arms.

  7. Thank you. again Tim. Your music ushers in The Presence of GOD every time. Much Peace and Many Blessings yo you Brother and whoever is reading this in Jesus Mighty name.

  8. Blessings to you……
    May your Ministry continue to Flurish and touch lives worldwide.

  9. Thank you for blessing us with you love for the father heart. It’s speaks to my soul. I share it with all. That need to rest in their mind, body and soul.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  10. I always wanted to play the piano ever since I was a little girl. But God had other plans. Awesome worship

  11. God has gifted you with the most beautiful and amazing talent. Thank you for using your God given gift to be a blessing to your followers! God Bless you, your family and your piano ministry 🙏👆✝️👆🙏

  12. Tim, have followed you for quite a while now, and you know I love your music! Now more than ever that I am battling cancer. Your music soothes the anxiety in me, and makes me fall asleep smiling up to Jesus. Thank you for your ministry! God bless you always!

  13. Me and my family we thank God for your music. These instrumentals have been a blessing to us. God bless you brother.

  14. Thank you for sharing, so beautiful and relaxing. To the person who is reading this comment, I wish you great success, health, love and happiness <3

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