The Very Best 200 Tunes of the last 3 decades – played on the grand in one single video! All songs are effortlessly connected with each other to make sure the best listening experience!

More than 100 tunes are brand-new songs which I have not made arrangements on my channel yet. In such a way, this assortment is also a "preview" for all my potential future full size plans!

Simply kick back and take pleasure in the anime fond memories in addition to the music! See the video until completion to see the grand ending with the surprise repetition!

It took me a few months to produce this 2 million sub special medley given that I needed to find out and memorize over 200 anime tunes. It likewise took me a long period of time to identify the very best possible song order for the entire medley. I imagined it like a "2-hour anime concerto" where every piece is adding to the music as a whole.

However all the work was absolutely worth it and I hope this video will end up being a crucial turning point for my YouTube channel in the future!

Thank you for enjoying!
I will continue doing my best as an anime pianist!

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Complete list of tunes with timestamp:.
See my pinned comment in the comment section listed below.

Video Chapters.
0:00 1. Shounen Anime.
07:17 2. early 2010.
16:54 3. mid 2010.
24:10 4. late 2010.
34:44 5. early 2020.
42:11 6. Kyo-Ani.
50:52 7. Love.
1:01:29 8. Comedy.
1:08:03 9. Dream.
1:14:27 10. Sci-fi.
1:23:27 11. Classic (1990s).
1:31:32 12. Nostalgia (2000s).
1:41:36 13. Animenz Unique Collection.
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  1. Timestamp for the 200 songs!

    00:15 1 We are! – One Piece OP1
    00:40 2 departure! – Hunter x Hunter OP1
    01:02 3 Imagination – Haikyuu!! OP1
    01:23 4 Black Rover – Black Clover OP3
    01:41 5 The WORLD – Death Note OP1
    02:10 6 Limit Break × Survivor – Dragon Ball Super OP2
    02:35 7 Goya no Machiawase – Noragami OP1
    03:04 8 Snow Fairy – Fairy Tail OP1
    03:32 9 Inferno – Fire Force OP1
    03:47 10 Silhouette – Naruto Shippuuden OP16
    04:15 11 Donten – Gintama OP5
    04:34 12 CORE PRIDE – Blue Exorcist OP1
    05:00 13 BLOODY STREAM – JoJo Part 2 OP1
    05:35 14 Asterisk – Bleach OP1
    05:56 15 CHANGE THE WORLD – Inuyasha OP1
    06:29 16 again – FMA Brotherhood OP1
    06:43 17 Gurenge – Demon Slayer OP
    07:18 18 Guren no Yumiya – Attack on Titan OP1
    07:59 19 Ranbu no Melody – Bleach OP13
    08:22 20 The Everlasting Guilty Crown – Guilty Crown OP2
    08:42 21 Sign – Naruto OP6
    09:06 22 crossing field – Sword ArtOnline OP1
    09:36 23 DATE A LIVE – Date A Live OP1
    10:08 24 No pain, No game – Btooom! OP
    10:37 25 Kuusou Mesorogiwi – Mirai Nikki OP1
    10:59 26 Period – FMA Brotherhood OP4
    11:28 27 Complication – Durarara!! OP2
    11:53 28 oath sign – Fate/Zero OP1
    12:27 29 Netsujou no Spectrum – The Seven Deadly Sins OP
    12:57 30 Hyouri Ittai – Hunter x Hunter ED5
    13:39 31 Hacking to the Gate – Steins;Gate OP
    14:02 32 Re:Re: – Erased OP
    14:26 33 My Soul,Your Beats! – Angel Beats! OP
    15:03 34 One Day – One Piece OP13
    15:37 35 Sakura Mitsutsuki – Gintama’: Enchousen OP13
    15:58 36 Sen no Tsubasa – Re:Hamatora OP
    16:23 37 Connect – Puella Magi Madoka Magica OP
    16:55 38 Let Me Hear – Parasyte: The Maxim OP
    17:37 39 Zenzenzense – Your Name. OST
    18:01 40 FLY HIGH!! – Haikyuu! S2 OP2
    18:31 41 Redo – Re:Zero OP1
    18:56 42 Miiro – Kantai Collection OP
    19:06 43 Rising Hope – The Irregular at Magic High School OP
    19:26 44 Clattanoia – Overlord OP
    19:55 45 Liar Mask – Akame ga KILL! OP2
    20:19 46 ambiguous – Kill la Kill OP2
    20:42 47 IGNITE – Sword Art Online II OP
    21:12 48 aLIEz – Aldnoah. Zero ED2
    21:47 49 JOJO Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~
    JoJo Part 3 OP2
    22:27 50 Kyouran Hey Kids!! – Noragami Aragoto OP
    22:52 51 Bravely You – Charlotte OP
    23:17 52 Flyers – Death Parade OP
    23:44 53 Sugar Song and Bitter Step – Kekkai Sensen ED
    24:11 54 Kaen – Dororo OP1
    25:30 55 Shinzou wo Sasageyo! – Attack on Titan S2 OP
    26:11 56 Los! Los! Los! – Youjo Senki ED
    26:42 57 Touch off – ThePromised Neverland OP
    27:11 58 MUKANJYO – Vinland Saga OP1
    27:36 59 Good Morning World! – Dr. Stone OP1
    27:59 60 Rashisa – Barakamon OP
    28:39 61 Fukashigi no Karte – Bunny Girl Senpai ED
    29:27 62 Uchiage Hanabi – Fireworks (2017) OST
    30:03 63 Prayer X – Banana Fish ED1
    30:34 64 Shirushi – Sword Art Online II ED3
    31:17 65 Kokokara Kokokara – A Place Further than the Universe ED
    32:02 66 orion – March Comes In like a Lion ED2
    32:26 67 History Maker – Yuri!!! On ICE OP
    33:01 68 SHINY DAYS – Yuru Camp OP
    33:29 69 Deal with the devil – Kakegurui OP
    33:52 70 Giorno’s Theme (Il vento d’oro) – JoJo Part 5 OST
    34:45 71 Boku no Sensou – Attack on Titan: Final Season OP1
    35:18 72 The Rumbling – Attack on Titan: Final Season OP2
    36:08 73 Avid – 86 eighty six ED
    37:02 74 Hadaka no Yuusha – Ranking of Kinds OP2
    37:49 75 Kaibutsu – Beastars S2 OP
    38:09 76 Sing My Pleasure – Vivy~Fluorite Eye’s Song
    38:43 77 Kaikai Kitan – Jujutsu Kaisen
    39:14 78 ADAMAS – Swort Art Online: Alicization OP
    39:45 79 KICK BACK – Chainsaw Man OP
    40:18 80 Black Catcher – Black Clover OP10
    40:27 81 Cry Baby – Tokyo Revengers OP
    40:56 82 Mixed Nuts – SPYxFAMILY OP
    41:29 83 Zankyou Sanka – Demon Slayer S2 OP
    42:11 84 Hare hare yukai – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ED
    42:51 85 Extra Magic Hour – Amagi Brilliant Park OP
    43:15 86 Cagayake!GIRLS – K-ON! OP
    43:41 87 Yasashisa no Riyuu – Hyouka OP
    44:05 88 Daisy – Kyoukai no Kanata ED
    44:44 89 Sincerely – Violet Evergarden OP
    45:12 90 Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi-C – Nichijou OP1
    45:23 91 Motteke Sailor Fuku – Lucky Star OP
    45:44 92 DREAM SOLISTER – Hibike! Euphonium OP
    46:11 93 Sparkling Daydream – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions OP
    46:38 94 Aozora no rhapsody – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid OP
    47:39 95 Dango Daikazoku – Clannad ED
    48:25 96 Toki wo Kizamu no Uta – Clannad: After Story OP
    49:15 97 Tori no Uta – AIR (2005) OP
    50:25 98 Koi wo Shita no wa – A Silent Voice OST
    50:53 99 Kawaki wo Ameku – Domestic Girlfriend OP
    51:26 100 Fiction – Wotakoi – Love is Hard of Otaku OP

    1. Thank you sooooo much Animenz😆🎉素晴らしいメドレー200アレンジ越え✨ありがとう❤️💓💓大好き〰️✨

    2. It’s really a blessing that I can listen to Animenz music in this world.
      I’m really touched!

    3. So many of my favorites (and classics) made it to the list aaaa thank you, Animenz. Blessed be your everything! Such glorious way to turn this chapter of a year over, belated congrats to 2m subs

  2. Animenz, thank you so much for giving us your unrivalled love of anime through your meticulously crafted piano arrangements for the past 13 years! I had listened to all of your piano arrangements ever since I discovered you 6 years ago, and I was so inspired by your evolution in arranging anime songs throughout your career! Your “Animenz explains” commentary in the video descriptions were so exciting to read as it gives us an insight to your fascinating process in arranging many anime songs. I hope you’ll realise just how much of a massive influence you are to the ever growing and thriving Anime Piano Community! Happy New Year 2023 Animenz!!

    1. Animenz is the GOAT. All he did to anime piano community, his passion and effort he put for over century made him deserve to be the king.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing unique and extremely amazing arrangements, you’ve inspired many pianists to improve / start learning / come back including myself.

    Every single of your arrangements do not fail to give me goosebumps.

    I wish you all the best and of course, congrats on 2 million subscribers, this is an insane milestone and you should be as proud of it as we are.
    Thank you for all ❤🎹

  4. This is the greatest showcase of how skilled and talented Animenz is as a pianist

  5. Hey man, just wanted to say you inspire a lot of people into getting into piano, and personally getting a new interest was a big change in my life. I’ve played so much the past 7 years and watching your videos has helped me have fun while getting better technique…oh and impress my friends of course 😀

    Of all the anime pianists, you are the GOAT!

    Happy new year!

  6. Animenz, you’re really my main motivation, I listen to your musics everydays and it makes me so productive, so happy, and I really want to play your songs with all my soul in the future, i will give my best to reach a good level in piano, i want to make it my future job 🔥
    Thanks for everything, and to anyone who read this : you can do it, just trust yourself and keep listening Animenz ! 🎹

    Im totally lost for words. This is unprecedented. I cannot fathom the amount of time, effort and passion poured into this long medley.

    Thank you Animenz for all your splendid arrangements these years. This medley is truly why you have a special place in our hearts. I myself am inspired by you and picked up piano as a hobby three years ago!


  8. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for the last 5 years and since I first did listen to your adaptations you have been my studying companion. Thank you for on of the greatest ever performances I’ve ever seen ont the internet and for all these years of hard work Animenz!

  9. 真的太神拉~能夠把超過200首動漫曲記在腦海裡!!!太好聽拉!!!

  10. Animenz is the legend! Such an inspiration to us all.

  11. Of course animenz feels the need to play 201/200 songs. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point lol
    Thank you, I hope your music lives on.

  12. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It was incredible. Your creativity….., your musicality… no words. Just thank you.




    1. Thank you for such an amazing performance. This made my day. Happy new year🎉

  14. Tonight, Animenz not only showed off his top-notch skills as an anime pianist, but also his ability to be a veteran OTAKU who has seen a lot of anime.(笑)

    This 200 anime song mix is going to stay with me for a long, long time …

    I can’t help but thank God that you didn’t get to fulfill your wish as a student. After all, there is only one less piano teacher in the world. But there is one more musician who is leading the way for the entire anime piano community!

    Once again, I would like to thank Animenz for opening a window for many people, including myself, to learn piano again.
    Not only did I learn to play piano again, but I also spent more time watching anime(〃∀〃)
    As a result, I got to know a lot of anime piano musicians. I have also met many Taiwanese and Chinese fans who love anime and manga piano music.

    In 2022, I had the pleasure of working with members of the Taiwan Fan Group to produce a video for Animenz to celebrate birthday.
    We also prepared various creative gifts to celebrate the 2 million subscribers, help with the traditional Chinese translation of this 200 anime song mix project.
    Talking about Animenz’s music together was an unforgettable experience that I never thought I would have before!

    2.03 million subscribers, there are 2.03 million different life stories. But all of them must have their own memories of Animenz in their life stories. Thank you for truly inspiring us and touching us with your anime piano music.

    Fans will grow older with your channel. Maybe some of us will have to work hard for real life and
    gradually reduce the frequency of our interest in anime and Animenz. Slowly we go from being fans to occasional viewers.

    Perhaps we will one day drift away from the Animenz channel. But the trajectories we have been changed by your music, or the hearts we have redeemed by your music, will always remain a precious gift in our hearts.

    Because you have worked so hard to create an anime piano library for future generations.This 200 anime song mix spanning 30 years is the best proof of that!

    As 2022 comes to an end, thank you for your magnificent music for setting off the New Year’s fireworks early for all fans!

    Dear Animenz,Happy New Year !

    1. Damn well said, impacting us so much for our love of piano and anime, literally started piano two months ago and it’s been so fun !

    2. @Ryan Lee The fun of piano music can never be exhausted in a lifetime, let’s enjoy it together!

    3. @Ram Vittal Yes, that’s why Animenz has attracted so many people to indulge in his world of music!

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