15 Songs you didn’t know are based on samples

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The outro music to this video is my track "Clap" which you can hear in full on Spotify:.

Everlast On The Surprise Backstory Of House Of Discomfort's Mega-Hit 'Leap Around':.
Tracklib's breakdown of Magnificence Box:.

This video was edited in part by Martino Gasparrini.

And, an additional unique thanks goes to Chase Heeler, Peter Keller, Douglas Lind, Vidad Flowers, Ivan Pang, Waylon Fairbanks, Jon Dye, Austin Russell, Christopher Ryan, Toot & Paul Peijzel, the channel's Patreon saints!.


0:00 Tasting.
0:21 .
0:54 vs. .
2:15 vs. Bacharach.
2:40 Sanctuary.
3:31 .
4:48 Led Zeppelin.
5:32 Trip On Time.
6:44 Hooktheory.
7:22 Pussycat Dolls vs. ELO.
7:44 Jump Around.
9:36 Tupac vs. Joe Cocker.
10:00 No Diggity vs. Costs Withers.
10:24 Shakira.
11:27 .
12:22 Patreon.

15 Songs you didn't know are based on

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  1. 04:50 you missed the most iconic (and ironic) samplings of that beat: “Rhymin & Stealin” by the BeastieBoys

  2. Oh, in case you didn’t know David, I just figured this out. In the song here, by Alessia Cara, the second sample you mentioned. The Arctic one? It’s part of that song. If you listen throughout the song in the beginning of the song. You can tell about that part is in the song

  3. Hey that was fun. And sure, of course I can think of other songs based on samples.

    Oh, you wanted specific examples. Errr…yeah – God Is A Lobster, by DJ Soulslinger, makes an awesome jungle track out of the B-52’s song Rock Lobster. I’m not even kidding – check it out!🤣

  4. Oh, and Keith didn’t notice David, I just figured it out. The arctic case sample you mentioned, the second one. I just noticed. But in the song here, by Alessia Cara, the rhythm of that song is sampled in the song.

  5. Oasis might not have sampled Johnny Jenkins, but Beck sure did on “Loser”.

  6. WE WALKING ON BY WITH THIS ONE 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. I was hoping you’d cover This is Hardcore by Pulp which samples Bolero on the Moon Rocks by Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra.

  8. Tricky used Ike’s Rap in “Hell’s Around The Corner” too the same year as Portishead.
    Joe Cocker’s “Women To Women” is used as well by Moby on “Honey”.
    David, Spanish is very easy to pronounce: only 5 vowel sounds, V & B sound always B and all letters are pronounced except the H (except in the case it goes with a C before, then is like in “check”).

  9. Don’t give up on this series, David! My neurodiverse audience loves music. This is super entertaining!

  10. Daft Punk uses crazy sampling. Face to Face is like a collage you wouldn’t have thought was possible from the originals.

  11. A lot of tunes that use the “When the Levee Breaks” sample do it in a slightly different way. In the mid 80s there were companies producing EEPROM chips for drum machines which had famous drum sounds on them, one such package you could get was the Bonham Memorial pack, commonly used to replace individual drum sounds in LinnDrums. Hence you have artists like Howard Jones using them (in the original “No One Is To Blame” for example). Art of Noise was another such artist who made use of them a lot.

  12. That sax sample in Jump Around reminds me of a similar thing in Cypress Hill songs. Years ago a friend slowed it down and it was a horse neighing.

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