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    1. Someone made a video about it: paul starts it, then john joins in singing it, but then pauls microphone gets kicked over to john so you only hear john, so its only paul, then both, then only john you hear

  1. To me, it always seems a bit “surreal” to hear Paul singing She Loves You at the end of All You Need Is Love because, by ’67, their sound was so different from the early years that they didn’t even seem like the same band that sung She Loves You.

    1. The fact that a kid could start there freshman year of highschool when She Loves dropped, and not even be halfway through college before I Am the Walrus and All You Need is Love is friggin wild. The Beatles did so much in 8 years.

    2. actually it’s not full clear if it’s Paul who sings she loves you. there is a debate that maybe it could have been John

    3. There is a very good video on YT that presents the possibilitt (which i agree) that paul starts “she loves you” and somewhere in “you yeah yeah yeah” john joins in. So the answer is both are singing

  2. I knew 5 of them, but I never realized the string part is playing the melody for Greensleeves at the end

    1. @@dabbyabb not by name, but it either sounded familiar or just like it was taken from somewhere else. I always caught the first few notes and am very familiar with Greensleeves which makes it so surprising to me that I never caught that it plays quite a bit of the melody.

  3. Not clear it was Paul singing She Love You. Some pretty strong analysis suggests it was John.

    1. Actually, it was both. Paul started it then John joined in, but then Paul’s microphone got knocked out, so you could hear John more.

    2. I’m not an expert. 100% not qualified to have an unequivocal opinion. I did find the “You Can’t Unhear This” analysis compelling.

    1. @kyloren6995  No, but it was recorded about a month earlier. The reference wouldn’t have become obvious to the public until the song was released.

  4. It’s the first sample based tune in the world’s pop music 🙂

  5. A detail: The ‘Glen Miller song’ In the Mood was actually composed by Joe Garland.

  6. When you say john says “Yesterday”, I always heard and still hear him say “Yes it is”, as a response to “Love is all you need”

  7. The production on Magical Mystery always sounded like an old British radial dial being panned and scanned across multiple stations. Vince Staples album FM, reminds me of this aesthetic.

  8. IT’S JOHN SINGING SHE LOVES YOU, I will die on this hill. You can see in the video, even when it’s doing that far panning shot, you can see him put his hand up to his ear, open his mouth and move his head side to side, just like in the next shot where he says it again. And speaking of the close up shot, it starts before he finishes singing it the first time. It had nothing to do with Paul, Paul didn’t say a single word of she loves you. I don’t understand why there’s so much confusion about this topic. You Can’t Unhear This got it wrong, it’s not both, its just John the whole way through, start to finish.

  9. John Lennon sang she loves you at the end. If you watch the full behind the scenes footage of the tv broadcast, you can see that he was joking around and singing it before the take also.

  10. And it all comes together triumphantly to make one of the best outros of any song ❤ The Beatles quoting themselves, self referencing, they knew they were on the top of the world at that moment – you can just feel that energy all over the track.

  11. Really, i hear
    #9,#9,#9. as well. Listen close,right after, right behind, she loves you

  12. It was originally recorded for the first truly World Wide TV Broadcast called ~Our World~ estimated audience around 300 million, this was Britain’s contribution , and the only reason it is remembered today.

    But hence why there were lots of snippets of other Nations at the end.

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