BTS – Yet To Come (Piano Karaoke)

BTS – Yet To Come ( )|Crucial with romanised lyrics
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✘ Version Notes ✘.
Pace is 84 bpm. The secret is Db.
This version is shortened and does not include the rap (simply sing!).


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✘ Lyrics ✘.
Was it truthfully the best?
'Cause I just wan na see the next.
Bujireonhi jinaon.
Eojedeul soge.
Cham areumdapge.
Yeah, the past was honestly the best.
However my finest is what comes next.
I'm not playin', nah for sure.
Geunareul hyanghae.
Sumi beokchage.
You and I, finest minute is yet to come.
Moment is yet to come, yeah.

Dadeul eonjebuteonga.
Malhane uril choegorago.
Ontong al su eomneun names.
Ijen mugeopgiman hae.
Noraega joatdago.
Geujeo dallil ppunirago.
Pledge that we'll continue coming back for more.

Neoui maeumsok gipeun eodinga.
Yeojeonhan sonyeoni isseo.
My moment is yet to come, yet to come.
( dangsineun kkumkkuneunga, geu girui kkeuteun mueosilkka).
Minute is yet to come, yeah.
( moduga sumjugin bam, urin bareul meomchuji ana).
Yet to come.
( We gon na touch the sky, 'fore the day we pass away).
Moment is yet to come, yeah.
( ja ije sijagiya, the very best yet to come).

So was it truthfully the very best?
'Cause I just wan na see the next.
Nunbusige jinaon.
Gieokdeul soge.
Cham areumdapge.

Yeah, the past was truthfully the very best.
However my finest is what follows.
We'll be singin' till the morn.
Geunareul hyanghae.
Deo uridapge.
You and I, best moment is yet to come.

Composed by Dan Gleyzer, Jung Ho-seok, Maxwell George Schneider, Kang Hyo-won, Min Yoon-gi.

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