Dua Lipa – Houdini | Piano Tutorial

Dua Lipa – Houdini (in the key of D small) ( / Lesson).
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Set up and tape-recorded by Will McMillan.

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Dua Lipa – Houdini | Piano

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  1. I’m begging can you please do a tutorial for Harry Styles’ goodbye piano song ?🙏🏻💜

  2. If you have the time and don’t know what song to do for your next video, please make a piano tutorial for the song Crush by Yuna ft. Usher!

    There’s only one video I could find on YouTube and my hands are too small to play it. D:

    Please comment if you see this and remember that your videos are the best! My skills have improved with the help of your videos.

  3. please can you do the tolerate intro from the eras tour by Taylor swift is a beautiful piano I’m begging

  4. i think 00:13 c-d-d-c-d—–c-d-d-c-d–f-e-c not f-c-c end of this part. And add transition melody to 00:34 a–c-d.

  5. Hii! I love your videos so much!! Could you please do a tutorial of “Better now” by Blanks? I’ve tried to find it but I only find post malone lol❤️❤️❤️❤️😊

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