El Estepario Siberiano can’t play Song 2 by Blur

A couple of months back I made a short about how the well-known from "Tune 2" by can't be played by one drummer … and alot of commenters desired me to know that a particular Spanish drummer might play this beat with ease! Well, I'm hear today to show you that even @ElEsteparioSiberiano admits the "" beat can't be played by a single person!

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  1. He also played it in a completely different way multiple months earlier. People just love to be angry and flap their gums, bro. You know you’re right, and that’s what matters.
    And side note… hearing you angry feels surreal.

  2. I have a wild prediction to make: the number of those people who will now comment on THIS video, owning up to having been wrong will be…. zero.

    1. If anything, they’ll be like “Estepario CAN play it, he’s just not trying hard enough”

  3. Clearly, what you need is one of those AI-drawn people with an extra limb to play the part

  4. So, people have only two arms? What about their legs? People without arms can drum with their teeth even .

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