How WILLOW’s ⁷⁄₄ cluster chord pop song was written

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Here is my previous video on "" by @ willowsmith.

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How ’s ⁷⁄₄ chord pop song was written

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  1. one minute ago is crazy

    Also have you heard the Taylor Swift song that is also in 7/4 and mixed meter (The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived)

  2. This song is great!! Also in the arrangement and vocal phrasing. Like absolute peak Tori Amos

    1. Makes it even more impressive that Tori wrote all of her own songs (and performed instrumentals on most of them)

  3. Never thought that Willow of all people would have a 7/4 song. I might check out more of her stuff

    1. Tbh, both of the Smith kids make pretty interesting music. Willow in particular has some very good stuff. Thing about nepobabies, they have access to resources. These are kids who grew up in Hollywood, around all kinds of people doing stuff at a proffessional level, and with the ability to relatively easily pull just about anyone in to collaborate with and learn from. Even the smallest amount of genuine effort will likely yield impressive results in such a context, and both of those kids seem to genuinely love making music.

  4. My theory: Esperanza Spalding is some sort of jazz werewolf, and Willow Smith was attacked by her during a full moon.

  5. Gosh, inaccurate transcriptions are so annoying! I’m currently trying to work out a song by ear because I just couldn’t find any transcriptions that sounded right. I definitely could use some ear training!!

  6. I just think it’s wild how this even came to be. What a crazy progression.

    I am in love with the very idea of “odd sounding pop songs”.

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