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I'll be going live on Friday 15th Dec at the following times:
5pm GMT
9am PST
11am CT.
12noon EST

. Did you understand I have a Traditional Christmas & Vacation Violin book for just $12?

It is a collection of 10 simple joyful violin pieces readily available as a PDF download.
Each piece has a bespoke back track to accompany it, and the mp3 recording that you can listen to, or play together with.
9 of the tunes likewise come with violin TAB for those who still want discover the songs you want to play, if you battle with, or can not read music.

Pieces in this book:.
1. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (from The Nutcracker Suite).
2. Jingle Bells.
3. Deck The Halls.
4. In The Bleak Midwinter.
5. Silent Night.
6. O Holy Night.
7. The First Noel.
8. We Desire You A Merry Christmas.
9. Delight To The World.
10. Auld Lang Syne.

Trying to find a way to learn the violin in simply 30 lessons for real?
. The first 10 lessons and all resources/materials needed are absolutely free and are consisted of in the package as requirement. To begin on the very first 10 lessons, click on the pdf that says' START HERE 'very first:.————————. WHAT IS MY PATREON PAGE? My Patreon page includes every piece of sheet music I have ever arranged for this channel and my efficiency channel. It is the largest, single respiratory of violin sheet music you will find anywhere on the internet. The cost of accessing the wealth of music is simply $5( usd) per month.
——————–. For a nominal month-to-month charge of $5, you will get access to:.- Access to over 800 sheets of violin music.- Access to all 190 mp3 violin cover recordings.- Access to all 80 violin mp3 support tracks.- Access to all 115 sheets of music.
This is added to month-to-month. ——————–.
WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU HAVE? I have personally organized each individual sheet music which covers all genres from Mozart, to Elvis Presley
to Envision Dragons … And everything in between. ——————–. WHAT LEVEL/STANDARD IS THE MUSIC FIT FOR? I have arranged all the sheet music so that it is accessible to as many people as possible, but, if you have actually currently finished my FREE 1-10 violin lessons (), you will be able to play' SOME' of the sheet music. Nevertheless, if you have actually completed my full 1-30 Violin Course which is$ 59.99 usd(), or perhaps you are lessons 20/25 onwards, you will be able to play every piece of music that is in that repository. ——————–. ENROLL NOW!

LIVE AT FIVE | Another live 'Question and Answer' | ASK ME ANYTHING!

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  1. Again a question for the next Q&A in case i cant be there live.
    I know your course is EXTREMELY informative and teaches us so much. But i think i finish the lessons in the next months 😊🥲
    Sure it will need some more month to nail everything you were teaching me but, i ask myself, whats then?
    So 1. question is should i get a teacher after that?(my plan is to go to an orchestra maybe in 2 years)
    And 2. do you plan a kind of a „+“ video to the course or a „masterclass“ video for phrasing, articulation,sweeter sound Production?
    Greatings Ron

  2. I found one of your videos and i had to pause it and comment this is the link so you know exactly what video im talking about. The cheapest violin 🎻 for $30 Dollars , anyways i can 100% relate to what you said, this was my frist violin i ever had. I had it about 5-6 mounths but i hated tuning it it wouldn’t stay in tune. I just was laughing and smiling threw the video because i can relate but i completed your 1-10 violin lessons on it and was threld to get an upgrade . So don’t know if this would help anyone but just wanted to say i 100% relate to that violin. Although it dies have a sweet spot (my first violin) i would recommend a much better violin.

    1. I went from this two a $250 violin to what I have now a $450 so big difference. Although I didn’t have to any trouble hitting the other string tell I got to lesson 3

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