Louis Tomlinson – Chicago | Piano Tutorial

Louis Tomlinson – Chicago (in the secret of C# Major) ( / Lesson).
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Louis Tomlinson – Chicago | Piano

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    1. AMELIA 😍😍😍so happy to hear from you 🙂 how are you? i missed your messages very much

    2. @Piano Hits! [Pandapiano] I’m good, I’m in year 11 now (England year) and also I have my mocks coming up in December and my mocks in January and then my real GCSE’s exams in the summer so the after those exams and I will be able to get my exam grades as well and I will be leaving school next year in the summer as I want to go to college and I am going to be doing a police course all about police as I want to be a police officer when I am older, so then it will boost my confidence. xx

    3. @Piano Hits! [Pandapiano] how are you doing? I’ve misses you soooo much xx

    4. @Amelia Downer I’m so proud of you Amelia , i know exactly that feeling when i was close to graduating high school and really lost at that time knowing where i would be able to see my future also having struggled with confidence through my life too. I went into retail after High school because i felt too stupid for college. I worked in retail for many years and when i was 24 taught myself piano by ear.
      I have been busy working with a great team on some app projects that will hopefully help people with music education. My goal is to make them as good as possible. Other than that just appreciate the littlest things in life is what i try to look for. Please keep in touch it makes me so happy to hear from you my friend 🙂 💖

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