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  1. Didn’t they do some early viral internet marketing treasure hunt thing in the 1990’s?

    Unrelated: Isshur fiminipus venyet! Isshur fiminipus venyet!

  2. It just sound like a bunch on nonesense. It only sounds like something when you read the lyrics and your brain starts tricking you.

  3. If you play “The Star Spangled Banner” backwards it says toke your maryjane

  4. I don’t believe Led Zeppelin hid a secret message in their music, simply because I don’t think any of the members of Led Zeppelin think that hard. I mean I love the band but their not lyrical masterminds or anything, most of their songs are 20 percent the words “woman” “babe” or “girl” I think this is above their pay grade.

    1. Yes and most of the early stuff is stolen blues lyrics, until it transitions to Lord of the Rings fanfiction. Not to shade them

    2. That’s complete bullshit. Zeppelin’s lyrics are amazing. Maybe on their earlier albums they were more simplistic but that doesn’t mean they don’t “think too hard”. What a stupid comment.

    3. Not that they were the ones to think of doing something without stealing

  5. I like how instead of some cryptic passage revealing some secret revelation the message is just “you found me! Ha ha ha.”

  6. My secret message to all those hunting for secret message in songs is “Efil-a-teg”

  7. Britneys Spears’ “Hit me baby one more time” backwards actually sounds like “Sleep with me, I’m not too young”. I read about this and reversed it myself to check.

  8. When no one ever mentions is that the forwards part of the song actually tells you about the secret message in the backwards part. Roger actually says “there’s probably a secret message” The audio clip here cuts off before you can hear it, but you can definitely hear it on the album if you turn the volume up high and listen closely.

  9. My favorite example of this is from a Weird Al song, played backwards the message is simply “Satan easts *CHEESE WHIZ* !” Lol

  10. At the beginning of the song Judas’ Kiss from their 1982 album, the Christian band Petra featured the backwards message: “what are looking for the devil for when you ought to be looking for the Lord?” 🤣🤣

  11. When I was a kid in the 70s church people tried to teach me that all the music I liked was evil. They were full of sh!t and doing evil themselves by teaching made up lies to manipulate young minds. I eventually understood their malfeasance and grew up to think on my own, but I’ll never forgive them for this.

  12. “Fire On High” by ELO is another one. Backwards is says, “The music is reversible, time is not. Turn back, turn back, turn back.”

  13. if you play strawberry fields forever backwards it sounds like crap.

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