Songs that use 10/4 time

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that use 10/4 time

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  1. With the way these are incrementing, soon we’ll be at 13/16 and finally Brad Fiedel’s theme to The Terminator will be featured! 🙂 Great video.

  2. Everything in its right place is such an amazing track. For more than 20 years there is no other song that sounds like this.

    1. Agreed! It’s a shame I couldn’t use the original version but last week Radiohead’s publisher actually issued me a copyright strike! Get three strikes and the channel is suspended! So now I can’t use original Radiohead recordings in my videos 😢

  3. David and using Radiohead as an example : Name a more iconic duo.

  4. Closing each video with an original composition that demonstrates what has just been discussed was a great and highly enjoyable innovation.

  5. Could you call 10/4 an ‘improper’ meter, as it echoes an improper fraction, where the top number is bigger than the bottom number and it could be split into more conventional bits if you really had to, but for convenience it isn’t.

    More Mellotron please…..

  6. Usually with these videos i try to list a few of my favourite examples of songs that use the time signature in question but this is one of those cases where I can’t think of any. I’m sure I know some other songs that use the approach, but in my head I would never count in single bars of 10/4, seems to get a little absurd to count something that long as one bar of music, and I’d be far more inclined to subdivide into bars that the music seems to imply (like with your examples of 4-4-2 and 4-6)

    maybe that’s just me, or just the music i tend to listen to, but it makes it hard to think of songs that use it

  7. Fiery Gun Hand by Cardiacs is also a good example of a song that utilizes 10/4.

  8. Eruption from Tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer has the main ostinato in 10. In Groups of 4 3 3

  9. This video immediately earned like from featuring a deep cut from RHCP’s The Getaway, especially because I had no idea what time Dreams of a Samurai was in till now

  10. When I saw 10/4, the first thing that came to mind was the verses of “Heat of the Moment” by Asia, which have a 3-3-4 feel

  11. Another excellent video essay! You communicate complex ideas so effectively – it is a lesson to other educators, as well as to students of this knowledge! Thank you for your continued hard work!

  12. If there’s a sequel, I suggest “Shipoopi” from The Music Man. A 10/4 piece in a genre not known for 10/4 pieces.

  13. I have never seen the transparent/ghost hands before like you did at the end with the Mellotron.
    Kinda brilliant!
    It makes it easy to see the keys and fingering.
    I really love it!

  14. If you feel the first bar of the verse of “Everything” as 9/4, that would make the last bar 11/4. To me the song’s in 10/4 throughout, but with the accents in the verse falling in weird places.

  15. When you think David couldn’t find any more time signatures to make videos about and he does it yet again

  16. I love these videos!

    If you ever make another video about common chord progressions, I recommend the I-iii-IV-V progression, which I like to call the “Crocodile Rock progression” (maybe you could come up with a better name for it). One of Elton John’s most enduringly popular songs (any guesses which one?) goes through this progression twice during the verse section. Another song that uses the Crocodile Rock progression is one of the more obscure songs by a band even more famous than Elton: “Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles.

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