Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero | Piano Tutorial

Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero (in the key of E Significant) ( / Lesson).
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Arranged and taped by Will McMillan.

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Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero | Piano

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    1. Emma 😍 im interested in what you thought of Midnights ? It’s so different to what I expected, this album might be a grower. I thought she was giving us a new era sound. I think my favourites so far are you’re on your own kid, anti-hero, snow on the beach , lavender haze.

    2. @Piano Hits! [Pandapiano] totally different from what I thought we would get! But I love 1989 and reputation so I’m pleased 😏 Would love a more rock album in the future!

      Karma, vigilante s***, lavender haze, maroon, midnight rain, sweet nothing & anti-hero are my faves 🥹🥹

      Can’t wait to see all the music videos!

    3. @Emma A I know the whole album artwork tease suggested a new sound , Reputation 😍 that is my favourite album of hers. Let’s hope Anti-Hero does well on tiktok since the new generation choose songs based on tiktok videos 😭

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