the craziest pop song of the 21st century

's new tune "sign of life" is in 7/4 time and uses some extremely jazzy , two things I would not have expected from the singer who provided us "Whip My Hair" back in 2010.

My other video where I point out :

The outro music to this video is my track "Clap" which you can hear completely on Spotify:.

And, an additional special thanks goes to Douglas Lind, Vidad Flowers, Ivan Pang, Waylon Fairbanks, Jon Dye, Austin Russell, Christopher Ryan, Toot & Paul Peijzel, the channel's Patreon saints!.


the craziest of the 21st century

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  1. Damn, a song so crazy that it is going to be livestreamed? Can’t wait!

  2. Glad someone is finally talking about Willows new singles. Hope you talk about “alone” too!

  3. Normal progressive rock song. Good for her to bring this more into mainstream.

    1. I dunno, it feels a bit more like Radiohead + later Porcupine Tree to me. Not sure why. I think it’s the vocals. They’re not very Radiohead-like.

  4. First time I’ve heard a video about a brand new song and it makes me want to go out and listen to the song.

  5. There is a Japanese album that I absolutely love called “Sleeping Pink Noise” by Iyowa that I think is worth checking out

  6. Really enjoyed this analysis, David! I’ve never heard this song before but after watching this I think I’ll check it out.

    By the way, a rock song that I think would make a great analysis video one day is Question! by System of a Down which uses 4 time signatures throughout its 3 minute duration.

  7. I’ll keep requesting Sir Chloe’s Untie You, Animal, and Mercy because they’ve all got really creative chord progressions and key changes and they’re just great songs

  8. She’s consistently put out really good stuff. Very jpopish vibe with all the jazzy chords.

  9. Love willow’s new stuff, as someone who was annoyed by whip my hair

  10. Somehow the 7/4 sections sound freer and more open while the 4/4 chorus feel tight and jarring.

  11. damn, i’ve been sleeping on Willow, apparently! Hat’s off to her!

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