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    1. Possibly Mike Ratlege in The Soft Machine 1966-7ish (forcing him to play legato, as he couldn’t stop otherwise it fed back!)

  1. The first recorded use of fuzz that I am aware of was on the Marty Robbins song Don’t Worry, from 1960. It wouldn’t surprised me if there was an even earlier example though.

    1. yes, that one is legendary, but it wasn’t on an electric guitar. it was on a bass guitar.

  2. It’s a horns were used. It would sound like the band “The grassroots” played the song.

  3. It isn’t the first example of fuzz distortion in a hit song. Marty Robbins’ “Don’t Worry” can probably be cited as the first. Then before “Satisfaction” there was, believe it or not, the Green Acres theme song. It used the same FZ-1.

    1. I guess I would call the guitar in Marty Robbins a guitar solo, rather than a riff, but you’re right that that track is an earlier example 😊😊

    2. @@DavidBennettPiano I agree with your statement that it’s a riff rather than a solo, but in your video you described it as the first example of fuzz distortion in a hit song.

  4. Do you any plans for future keyboard intros videos in the future? One on pipe organ intros could be interesting

  5. what I always love is the click sound when he kicks the pedal in on the recording,.

  6. Jackie Brenton and His Delta Cats, Rocket 88 (1951). Arguably the first rock song. And has fuzz guitar. Also, Marty Robbins, Don’t Worry (1961).

  7. All just a year after The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”, with its pioneering use of a fuzz guitar riff. Which was a no. 1 hit…

    1. According to legend, the “fuzz” guitar riff on You Really Got Me resulted from Dave Davies alone at home after a separation from his girlfriend, and in a fit of rage he took a razor blade and slashed the cone on his speaker.

    2. English wiki has it wrong. They are different sounds, fuzz and Davies’ “slashed amp”.

    3. @@mikanmuusikko3841 Yeah, it’s fuzzy and distorted, but it’s obviously not a fuzzbox.

  8. Certainly not the first distorted guitar sound on record although earlier examples were valve (tube) or speaker distortion. The Marty Robbins track Don’t Worry was accidental fuzz rather than a dedicated fuzz box (harsh distortion created by transistors) and on bass. I still don’t think the Stones got there first, probably The Ventures with 2,000 Pound Bee and there are a few other tracks between then and Satisfaction.

  9. I swear that song was on the charts for years. It came out when i was a wee lad. Still one of my favorites by the Stones.

  10. They accualy just wanted it trumpets still but the studio sent it to the radio station.
    The rolling stones panicked and thought it sounded bad and that thought they were done for. The trumpet version you played was different. It would have sounded more relatively similar to the normal one.

  11. “Satisfaction” was released in 1965, but the Beatles used fuzz at the start of “I Feel Fine” in 1964…

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