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This video was inspired by the great @Paul Davids, check out his video here:.

And, an extra unique thanks goes to Douglas Lind, Vidad Flowers, Ivan Pang, Waylon Fairbanks, Jon Dye, Austin Russell, Christopher Ryan, Toot & Paul Peijzel, the channel's Patreon saints!.



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    1. I feel like you underestimated some of Billy Joel’s and some of David Brubeck’s intros…..

  1. Lovely to hear ‘David Bennett Piano’ play some actual piano! You’re playing the Nord Grand, right? It sounds great! How does it feel compared to a real piano?

    1. Thanks! The Nord Grand feels amazing! My reaction when I played it for the first time was literally “this is the Elder Wand of digital pianos!!”

    2. @Oliver Cowan Nord Piano is the 2nd best digital piano I’ve tried… Nord Grand is the best 😊

  2. Note perfect, beautifully done. Nice inclusion of Weller. Rd 2: “Werewolves of London”, “Editions Of You”, Lou Reed’s “Berlin”

  3. I just love your videos!

    In the sequel, maybe you could include some Nightwish?
    For example The Greatest Show on Earth or Ever Dream have beautiful piano intros 🙂

  4. Well done Mr. Piano! Good that you had Firth of Fifth in your list. Can you have The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway next time? It would be awesome!

  5. Wow these are truly iconic, great job! I was watching from the bed where I couldn’t read and trying to guess… Hit about half mostly from the second half. I can think of a few more J don’t think I heard but might not be as iconic too… Thete are certainly more recent ones than 7 years, but thats a good stopping point

  6. Ok… how many takes? 😀 Incredible work David – loved this! 👏👏👏

  7. Great run, but I was totally waiting for Come Sail Away by Styx. That one’s pretty legendary.

  8. Great video as always! Only Prelude / Angry young man by Billy Joel is missing in my opinion.

  9. As a boomer – I am more partial to the first 40 – but this was so stunningly good, I sat through the commercial which I normally don’t do (🙂
    By the way, rock’s premier piano session guy Nicky Hopkins was represented – but my favorite Nicky intro is on The Who’s “They are All in Love’. Also ‘Bennie and the Jets’ piano intro is iconic – maybe it is considered too simple ?

  10. Pretty surprised to see “Feel” by Robbie Williams on this list, which I’m pleased about. You are really good at playing piano.

    These are some of my fav piano riffs (I so wished you included at least some of these)

    Queen- Doing Alright
    Bruce Springsteen- Racing In The Street
    Fleetwood Mac- Silver Springs
    Dire Straits- Tunnel Of Love
    Dire Straits- Expresso Love
    Dire Straits- Love Over Gold (yes, I like this band a lot)
    The Cure- Homesick
    Counting Crows- A Long December
    Radiohead- Karma Police
    David Gray- This Year’s Love
    Muse- Space Dementia
    Coldplay- Amsterdam
    Norah Jones- One Flight Down
    David Gray- The Other Side
    Muse- Apocalypse Please
    James Blunt- No Bravery

    Yeah, most of this is old music. Lol.

  11. Great choices and killer playing! Made it look effortless. Also great pick with oh you pretty things

  12. Wow a true emotional roller coaster, the whole spectrum of emotion and feelings
    THANKs !

  13. I don’t know why but this (and Paul Davids’ which I subsequently watched) made me really emotional. LOVED IT! I hope to see other creators do this for drum intros, vocal intros, whatever else there is!

  14. This is great. Weirdly enough, I think there isn’t enough piano love in the community

  15. Great video, would definitely add Fool’s Overture by Supertramp and Riverside by Agnes Obel

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