【Ru醬初配信】來一場盛大的音樂饗宴吧!✨Vtuber Piano Livestream 🔴ピアノ 生放送 #Ru味春捲

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【Ru醬初配信】來一場盛大的音樂饗宴吧!✨Vtuber Piano Livestream 🔴 #

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  1. 耶耶~~~恭喜第一次的V皮
    好開心,第一個猜到 第一首EVA的残酷天使和第二首的數碼寶貝Butterfly

  2. Ruru女神安安哦,每首歌都演绎的非常动听,这次终于抖内成功,感谢ruru女神的深夜直播!

  3. Ru醬超可愛的

  4. It was really good ruru never thought u would try becoming a vtuber
    I had a lot of fun
    It was surely a sruprise but a welcomed one for me

  5. Wonderful video Ru. Also it’s great that you have a gaming channel now I just found out today. You have a nice character design. Cool video. ^_^

  6. Queda cautivado con tal demostración de talento, y muy hermosas melodías que tocabas en el piano

  7. Loved the stream! Very cute avatar! Loved when the cat was on the head. Thank you for beautiful music!

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