86 -EIGHTY SIX-「Avid」Lyrical Ver. Piano Cover | Ru’s Piano | SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]

86 -EIGHTY SIX-「」Lyrical Ver. Piano | Ru's Piano
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86 -EIGHTY SIX-「Avid」Lyrical Ver. Piano | Ru's Piano | SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]

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  1. 賀86完結!神曲配神劇情=神作rrr (我是不是很適合cos艾斯德斯來彈赤紅之瞳的歌🤔?)
    💙大家可以透過超級留言、超級感謝支持我喔!If you like my music, you can use Super Chat and Super Thanks to support me!
    🐾Join RuRu’s Membership 加入會員支持RuRu:https://www.youtube.com/c/RusPiano/join
    🎹「Avid -Lyrical Ver.」 楽譜 Sheet Music:https://ruspiano.gumroad.com/l/kkygs

  2. 自從上次彈完「Avid」,就一直覺得這首歌很適合改編成抒情版。
    剛好最近動畫也完結了,就讓RuRu用溫柔的琴聲帶大家重回 86動人的劇情中吧 (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

    The last time I arranged and played the ending “Avid”, I thought the song would be suitable for a lyrical version.
    The anime just ended recently, and RuRu’s soft piano sound will bring everyone back to the moving plot of 86 (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

  3. Amazing news, the best of the day! I`m very glad and I hope that I will be in time for the premiere.. Thank you for the upcoming lirical version of “Avid”♡

  4. 耶耶!是我最近最愛的86!RuRu姐姐完美演出雷娜的角色!這一次的鋼琴一定很好聽!每次聽到這首都覺得很感動!RuRu 最高!!!

  5. 看完最後一集,滿滿的洋蔥啊,最後一幕自我介紹,看到大家都忍著笑,可是我眼淚卻是在眼眶打轉啊,終於見面了

  6. 希望下次可以聽到86的其他歌曲~~❤️每一首都好好聽~~

  7. RuRu’s first version of this is so good I can’t help but be curious to hear how she performs a ‘lyrical’ version. I just can’t get enough of this deeply affecting song! (or the Lena cosplay 🙂)

  8. Yay ru is doing one of my favorite endings of all time again it’s so good can’t wait to hear it 😁

  9. 哇~~~86 Avid💙💙💙💙💙
    嗚嗚嗚 看了最後一集 落下眼淚太好看了太感動了

  10. The finale was one of the best season closures I have ever seen in any anime.

  11. Ruru!! i want to hear your sound right now! i love your lyrical style in every song that you had arranged, thank you for your meticulous work! 🤩🤩🤩

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