Death of Dumbledore – Jon Schmidt (Bonus Tracks Album) The Piano Guys

Enter a world of magic and sorrow with the initial structure 'Death of Dumbledore,' influenced by the climactic minute of the 6th Harry Potter book. This piece catches the profound feeling and gravity of among the most critical scenes in the series, translating the depth of loss and the turning point of the legend into a hauntingly beautiful tune. Crafted to evoke the distress and bravery that resonates through the wizarding world, this musical tribute admires the precious character with every note. Whether you're a die-hard Potter fan or a fan of moving instrumental music, 'Death of Dumbledore' offers a poignant journey through melody and memory. Prepare to be moved by this effective piece, and do not forget to like, share, and subscribe for more wonderful musical explorations. ✨.

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Death of Dumbledore – Jon Schmidt (Bonus Tracks Album) The Piano Guys

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  1. Is this their first Harry Potter cover?? It’s beautiful ❤❤❤

  2. I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I’m definitely a fan of this!! I will be buying the sheet music for this!!! ❤😢❤

  3. There’s nothing beautiful about the Harry Potter series. We should be careful what we use our God given talents to promote.😢

    1. Talents are for the world to see never hide away talents just cause of one’s opinions

    2. I think there was and is a lot beautiful about Harry Potter. Saying I strongly dislike JK Rowling and her loudly voiced opinions in recent years is an understatement, but I think Harry Potter is and was a place of safety, hope and love for many people. Despite JK Rowling now being a voice of hatred and anger, the series still celebrates love, friendship, hope and good things. There are problems with it sure, but everything has it. Staying aware and critical of issues while still enjoying the good aspects is crucial to enjoying anything.

      That being said, I fully respect those who can no longer enjoy Harry Potter anything due to JK. I find it has a very sour taste in my mouth now as well, but I think it can still be enjoyed and respected especially if we acknowledge the problems and enjoy the still beautiful aspects such as this piece

    1. Seriously! It’s been a long time since the books came out… but it’s a pretty massive spoiler. 🙂

  4. I had to go back and listen to the song that was used during Dumbledore’s death scene in the movie. I can hear that Ion took some aspects of Nicholas Hooper’s song for your tribute. It’s very beautiful.

  5. So emotional! Gorgeously composed!! Thank you for bringing such beauty into my day!

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