Digimon 02 Evolution Theme「Break Up!」Ru’s Piano Cover | Digimon Adventure OST

Digimon 02 Evolution Theme「」Ru's | Digimon Adventure OST
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Digimon 02 Evolution Theme「Break Up!」Ru's | Digimon Adventure OST

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  1. 數碼寶貝的歌會讓人一聽想流淚,彈琴時還得控制淚線
    💗大家可以透過超級留言、超級感謝支持我喔!If you like my music, you can use Super Chat and Super Thanks to support me!
    💙Join RuRu’s Membership 加入會員支持RuRu:https://www.youtube.com/c/RusPiano/join
    🎹「Break Up!」楽譜 Sheet Music:https://ruspiano.gumroad.com/l/vhkge

  2. 我的天阿,到底有多久沒有彈數碼寶貝的歌曲了
    這首超經典的進化曲居然可以等到史坦威才錄,也算是運氣非常好呢 (・∀・)

    是不是..差不多該編個Digimon大串燒了呢.. 你說對吧V仔獸?

  3. 是2代的進化曲!!!
    數碼寶貝的進化曲都超經典的 都是聽到會唱系列的了
    前幾天才在漫博手滑了一支亞古獸娃娃(從第一天看到就一直念念不忘 還好最後有買下來><

  4. 今天好早~~~ 竟然是BreakUp 數碼寶貝第二部的進化歌曲~!~~! 這首都是童年數碼寶貝必聽的歌曲啊!!!

  5. 哇~巴達獸娃娃✨
    怎麼沒有穿之前 可愛巴達Ru裝重現?🤔
    V仔獸 就會想到用 奇蹟蛋 進化 金甲龍獸🧬全身金光閃閃 超帥🤩可惜只出現過兩次(平劇與劇場版)😎
    說到新遊戲的確有出新的《數碼寶貝 絕境求生》o(≧▽≦)o🎮

  6. 數碼寶貝的一代與二代真的是童年,雖然三代基爾獸與啟人也有看,但是神聖計畫與徽章才是最值得回憶的。現在神魔之塔與數碼合作,另外還有絕境求生,不是只有寶可夢,數碼仍能繼續陪伴我們成長!

  7. Digimon is part of my childhood as I was 2 years old. I remember as I got my D3 digivice in asia and binge watched the digimon VCD (before DVD was established) over and over again. As a small child you could only speculate how the story continues since there were only 2 episodes on one disk. And then I came back to Asia from Germany and wanted to buy more vcd from Digimon only to know how the story continues ☺️
    Nowadays I remember every Opening and every OST in German and in Japanese. I listen to them even after over 20 years.
    Digimon music lyrics give us so much energy and motivate us to live for our dream and vision. To believe in our dreams!
    ‚Leb deinen Traum denn er wird wahr!‘ How it is sung in German version.
    The special thing about the German version is that the music is the same as in the Japanese version and the lyrics were translated with a deep and great meaning!

  8. 最近神魔跟數碼寶貝合作
    Butterfly 聽到隨時都在耳邊環繞了

  9. No hay pieza que no recuerde de la franquicia pues a los 11 años ví el que hasta la fecha es la mejor temporada de digimon que fue en mi opinión la primera… Sin embargo, la música es increíble, positiva, vivida y vibrante casi que se puede palpar literalmente…a esperar esta interpretación 👍😜❤

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