Final Fantasy Classic Songs「Tifa’s Theme / Eyes On Me / Suteki Da Ne」Ru’s Piano Medley

Classic Songs「Tifa’s Theme / / 」Ru’s Piano Medley

Classic Songs「Tifa's Theme / / 」Piano Medley | FFVII – OST

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  1. Tifa+Rinoa+Yuna = (・ิω・ิ)❤💙🤍 這次是三倍的香阿~大家要選哪位女主角呢?
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    1. 當然 選你cos的莉諾雅啊XD FF8就是打著輪迴愛情 只有這樣的愛情才能深刻 後來的新水晶三部 的FF零式 也重回 輪迴永生的概念

    2. 滅茶苦茶ピアノの上手い、リノアさんなワケですね。。

  2. 突發奇想的FF歷代小串燒、每一首都是感人肺腑的經典神曲,今晚將帶大家穿梭最終幻想7/8/10代的美好回憶(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡♬


    I have a whim for FF’s mini-Medley, each song is a touching classic divine song. Tonight I will take you through the wonderful memories of Final Fantasy 7/8/10 generation (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡♬

    Tifa + Rinoa + Yuna = Fragrant 😍~~~

    1. 我想這部最終幻想的經典音樂系列應該可以吸引到那些遊戲熱愛者如@SLSMusic 的興趣吧?

  3. How coud it be possible : You have so much talent and are so lovely 😊❤️

  4. I cant wait , my favorite games themes in medley
    I apologize to Ruru, I should have come to the premiere, but I couldn’t.
    This is an extra thank you for such a wonderful piano playing

  5. RuRu plays this song with feeling. So we’ll be looking forward to the performance tonight. The Medley Final Fantasy song is highly anticipated tonight. So, enjoy the video.

  6. Ah, what an enchanting stroll down memory lane. It really is a treat to be able to enjoy the flow of a medley like this. I think the only thing that was missing for me was Terra’s Theme (FFVI) but that’s the thing about a franchise as epic in scope as the Final Fantasy series–there’s just too much good music to choose from! I definitely enjoyed every moment of this though, thank you RuRu.

  7. Tifa’s theme will always give me goosebumps. Thank you for your performance!

  8. super pretty medley, and the cosplay is so beautiful, thank you for this marvelous work!

  9. Final Fantasy VIII…. Thousands hours on my life. Your performance is lovely. From Spain 🇪🇦🌹

  10. 🍁🍂🍃🌸Hoy fue un momento mágico contigo querida Ru’s! así las estaciones pasen tú inspiración en la melodía de final fantasy VII, VIII y X de hoy continuarán en nostros 🥰💖🎶🎹✨ Muchísimas gracias Ru’s por otro mágico momento! Te quiero 💖🍃

  11. one of the most beautiful compositions and best related to its character, ever.. Tifa’s theme 😌😌 beautiful

  12. Love all themes.. But Tifa’s will always hit me the most. Thanks for playing..

  13. i hope that you cover terra’s theme one day. it’s one of the most iconic ff songs for older players, plus ff6 is one of my favorites

    1. I second this. Would be even better to pair it with Celes’s theme as well!

  14. Final Fantasy is a great franchise, I’m happy that you play these songs, RuRu! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. I started following a long while back when Ru was doing all the FF videos with costumes… it still pulls the heartstrings hearing these tunes played so passionately. Great job!

  16. FF7 holds a special place in my heart and Tifa is my favourite character of the whole franchise. Amazing rendition. Your Rinoa cosplay is also amazing, you just needed a doggo to launch at people 😀

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