Guilty Crown OST「βίος / Bios」Ru’s Piano Cover [Sheet Music]

OST「βίος / Bios」Ru's
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Arranged and Performed by RuRu
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Guilty Crown OST「βίος / Bios」Ru's [Sheet Music]

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  1. 是βίος!!!
    神曲雖然會遲到,但從來不缺席>< 真的超愛這首,超期待老大的改編、詮釋(≧▽≦) 從2011罪惡王冠開播到現在,每次聽都超有感覺,旋律一下雞皮疙瘩都起來了!!! 記憶點真的太高了,然後在配上動畫,出現的時機都是拔劍時(絕對不會說1、4、19集都有βίος),真的越中二我越愛XD 尤其是這一句「為王的誕生,獻上禮炮!」

  2. 罪惡王冠的拔劍神曲應該無人不知吧?RuRu今晚幫大家用力複習一下
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    🎹「βίος / Bios」楽譜 Sheet:

  3. 拔劍神曲是老粉絲敲碗好多年的的歌,RuRu今晚終於要滿足大家的願望~~
    This Divine song “βίος” is that old fans have requested for many years, RuRu will finally fulfill everyone’s wishes tonight~~
    In 2023, I will also arrange the song of Guilty Crown, is it very sincere?

  4. Una serie que disfrute mucho pese al final agridulce que tuvo…no obstante, si se debe recordar por algo es por su musica…muy buena!👌🔥❤💯

  5. Uff mi ost favorito de Guilty crown ❤️
    Hiroyuki Sawano como siempre dejando 1 temazo en cada serie en la que trabaja

  6. 這神曲真的好久了🎼
    沒想到還能聽到 Ru版🎶
    真開心由 楪祈Ru 要親自彈奏🎹
    (RuRu 辛苦妳了,忙這麼晚🌃)

  7. I was really happy when I saw this on my front page!
    I´m glad Guilty Crown still gets some recognition for its awesome OST´s which made me remember this anime till this day.
    Thanks for covering this beautiful piece RuRu!

    1. tje anime was trash, the only this good about it was the OST, that’s ehy it jas no recognition

  8. Listening to RuRu’s performance makes me feel comfortable.
    And it’s healing. Thank you always.

  9. Oh! This brings some nostalgic memories back. The depression when I first saw it was immense. I loved it!

  10. 感謝 楪祈Ru 的親自彈奏🎹
    (重點 楪祈Ru 真(੭ ´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭香)

  11. 竟然是改編19集的版本(βίος

  12. Bios 真的是神曲! (雖然又沒看過 XD)
    RuRu 彈得太好了 ❤ 又是一首要持續重播的 🤩
    造型 100 分,粉紅髮色明明就駕馭的很好 🤭

  13. I can not believe what I am seeing! That even after 12 years someone still remember Guilty Crown! I remember back then how fabulous the animations was for me as teenager, the music, the setting. Everything felt like an Anime of the new decade.
    Pure epicness, dramatic romance and great character development in a postapocalyptic setting. Bios is just fire I even listen to up until today on my phone; and I never skip this song!
    Thanks so much that you also cover and consider older Anime songs which are way better than most of the newer Animes nowadays. An anime which made me feel

  14. Omg Guilty Crown. So glad people still remember this masterpiece.
    Lovely Inori cosplay as usual…
    Inori best waifu!!😍

  15. Que gran interpretacion…simplemente te roba el aliento…un sonido que recorre cada fibra de tu ser 😋👍🔥🔥🔥🔥❤🎶🎹

  16. Finalmente el tema de Guilty Crown que esperaba escuchar!!!!
    Gracias Ru por tan Increible interpretacion y cosplay!
    🎹🎹 🎶 💞💯💯

  17. This song has quite a range of emotion — haunting, tense, quiet, pensive.
    Thank you for this wonderful music!

  18. Обожаю ваше творчество 🙂
    Вы молодец, продолжайте в том же духе 🙂

  19. The skill it takes to play this makes her even more beautiful in my eyes because not only is she a very pretty woman her soul can be heard with the sheer emotion she plays with and it shows she has a beautiful soul aswell my heart felt the music. Music is soo much better when you play from your heart it’s hard to explain but I closed my eyes and felt raw emotion the person who composed this must be amazed by her talent and skill

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