INSANE Chainsaw Man / チェンソーマン ED Piano Cover – ピアノ


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Hey guys,
Here is my arrangement of the Chainsaw Man Ending Theme (ED 2), !

And as always, enjoy!

Title: Zanki (残機)
Original Artist: ZUTOMAYO (ずっと真夜中でいいのに。)

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INSANE Chainsaw Man / ED Piano Cover – ピアノ

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  1. ♫ Sheet Music:

    Thank you for watching this video again! For those that were unaware, there were technical issues with the previous upload which I hadn’t noticed until a few days ago. Also, this will hopefully be up on streaming services very soon!

  2. Oh wow, I loved this ED, but it sounds SOOO Good on the piano! Thanks for uploading!

  3. I like your faithful reproduction of the original song.

  4. theres this rhythm on her songs whit going high to low on the beats and i love it

  5. I’m proud to say that I’ve listened to zutomayo for years before it got any anime openings a was very proud when I saw this. What’s your guys favourite Zutomayo song?

  6. Props to you, just unfortunately I feel like this song just doesn’t fit on the piano, the bass really can’t be replicated

  7. Man this was a really funky playing style. The piano cover was epic and very uplifting 🎹=👍 I subscribed – Marc Filmer (piano composer)

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