Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3 OP「GIRI GIRI」FULL Version Piano Cover | Masayuki Suzuki

Season 3 OP「」Ru's Cover
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Arranged and Performed by RuRu
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Kaguya-sama: Season 3 OP「GIRI GIRI」FULL Version | Masayuki Suzuki

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  1. 這應該是全YT第一個完整版的「GIRI GIRI」鋼琴Cover~ 沒辦法,誰叫我是藤原千花呢😎
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    🎹「GIRI GIRI」 楽譜 Sheet Music:https://ruspiano.gumroad.com/l/xfbuy

    1. 其實最快做出完整版的是一位叫做Destly的YT,不過真人演出還是RuRu最快呦~

  2. 終~~~於等到輝夜姬第三季了,這部動畫可是RuRu的重要精神食糧呢!
    那麼,睽違將近兩年,今晚就由鋼琴天才-藤原千花為大家帶來最新OP- GIRI GIRI吧

    inally ~ ~ ~ Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 3 starts broadcasting, this anime is RuRu’s important spiritual food!
    After nearly two years, the piano genius – Chika Fujiwara brings you the latest opening “GIRI GIRI” tonight😎

  3. Я точно получю удовольствие от твоего исполнения опенинга

  4. Excelente!!❤
    Ya estaba esperando que hicieras esta canción!!!!

  5. 封面RuRu好可愛,輝夜姬想讓人告白很好看,男主角和女主角明明喜歡對方,可是又不說出來真有趣,劇情蠻多好笑的地方,之前RuRu和品舒有合作輝夜姬想讓人告白,之後妳們可以再一起合作。

  6. 哇~這部也有✨

  7. This is absolutely perfect due to the fact that Chika Fujiwara herself is a piano prodigy. Great job and cosplay Ruru!

  8. It was a great performance. Thanks for editing the video. A wonderful moment passed so quickly. Thank you for all your kindness 😊. Looking forward to the next opportunity.

  9. Your arrangement is great as usual ~~
    Playing with sunglasses is so cool
    I noticed some notes would sound very passionnate with the sustenuto pedal.
    I guess you haven’t used it so much because of the loud bass.
    A lyrical version with a lighter bassline and more pedal would sound so passionate ~~

  10. Excellent arrangement. The music, lighting, special effects, costume…all perfect! Very enjoyable MV!

  11. Super energetic Miss RuRu for an anime that’s called love is War but still once again your piano skills are top notch 👍👍👍👍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍.
    Kind Regards AuraKnight 🌹😉.

  12. Гений фортепиано!!! очень классное выступление!!!(≧◡≦)

  13. Wow… those Dancing Hands made me want to run, run, run!
    Another great cover, RuRu!

  14. it’s really nice to hear your incredibly beautiful cover of this magical music.
    Thank you Ru’s Piano

  15. I didn’t get to watch the live 😕 but i am watching it right now! Your cosplay and music is the best 👌 💕 🥰🥰

  16. 真是好聽呢,帶點氣場的旋律,有輝夜姬的風格,真是讚爆了~~~

  17. 哇嗚~!!!!嗨起來~❣❣😆

  18. The third season comes out and I already like how are you playing the opening song tho.Keep it going!!

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