Maestro (from “The Holiday”) \ Hans Zimmer \ Jacob’s Piano

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Musical composition: Hans Zimmer
Arrangement & Performance: Ladegaard ('s )

(from "The ") \\ Hans Zimmer \\ Jacob's Piano

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  1. 🎵 With this rendition of the amazing soundtrack from *The Holiday* – one of my favorite Christmas movies – I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I know it’s not all of you who celebrate Christmas, but I’m sure we all celebrate good music 😍

    Unfortunately, the sheet music will likely not be available before the beginning of the New Year – but I’ll add the link to the description as soon as it is available.

    And with that – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the support this year. /Jacob

    1. 🎉🎂🥂🌠🎄🎁🎈 Igualmente felices fiestas! Gracias! 🙏😊

    2. Você é muito respeitoso com as decisões dos outros sobre o natal.
      Que Jeová Deus lhe continue abençoando.
      Do Brasil Goiânia Goiás.

  2. You have a beautiful piano and you play it beautifully, thank you for this gift before the Christmas holidays🎄😊🎄

  3. Thank you for this marvellous music!
    Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!😇🎄🎅☃️❄️🎹

  4. Just watched The Holiday 2 days ago! Have to watch it once a year in December. Really love the soundtrack for the whole movie. I didn’t realize Zimmer had contributed to the movie.

  5. This is so wonderfully played, Jacob. 🤩🙏❤️🎶🎹🎶❤️👌🤗 Congratulations and thank you so much, dear Friend. 😍🌹❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙋‍♀️🇨🇵🫂🫶

  6. Simply beautiful, Jacob.

    This is such a lovely arrangement of this piece. This is an often overlooked score from Hans.

  7. Amo sus interpretaciones! He recomendado con familiares y amistades. Gracias por tan hermosa musica. ❤🎶🎹

  8. It is a beautiful feeling when listening to this music in the quiet of the night
    I salute you for this work 😊✨

  9. As always, thank you for your lovely music and sending warm wishes to you and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season! 🎄🙏

  10. I love so much to hear how fantastic you play piano. So beautiful 🥰 Thank you 🙏 🤍

  11. Обожаю Вас слушать. Божественная игра.

  12. С наступающим Рождеством, Вас, Якоб! Мира, счастья, любви и достатка вашей семье!
    Ваше исполнение чудесно! Прослушано много раз))
    Только сейчас осознала, что скоро Новый год, а у меня дом не наряжен. Пошла исправлять ситуацию))) 🎄✨🎉🎶🌏🙏

  13. В такое сложное время,вы сближаете нас людей, разных,но очень нужных друг другу ❤❤❤❤❤своей любовью.Спасибо!!!Слушают вас и добрее становятся

  14. This is simply called … LiFe….
    Wonderfull perf… Even better than the original 👏

  15. it’s crazy thinking about the fact that how music can touch our bottom of heart,how can it make our emotions pop can it change our mood… I mean wow.. I cant even describe it in words.
    And this is one of masterpiece from zimmer.from the artist that i most love.
    You even make it perfect.
    I’m speechless~

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