MapleStory「Remember Us」Ru’s Piano Cover | Black Heaven OST

」Ru's | Black Heaven OST
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MapleStory「Remember Us」Ru's | Black Heaven OST

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  1. 殺人鯨的軍裝真好看~~突然發現自己很喜歡這類型的服裝
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    1. RURU超適合軍裝XD 可能是因為這類軍裝看起來多少有點相似~~~ 音樂讚讚!!

  2. 頻道首部楓之谷M經典歌曲改編!這次除了殺人鯨Ru演奏主題曲「記得,我們」以外,還有記憶引導者 – 超可愛兔兔陪伴 (▰˘◡˘▰)❤🖤🤍

    1. 楓之谷 童年的線上遊戲 少數的線上遊戲時我會玩到被父母直接開打的 現在也出了楓之谷M

    2. ?
      Vous voulez sans doute être remerciée??
      Pour cela, il va falloir venir nous chercher !😃😇😉✍️❤️

  3. 是殺人鯨!!!

  4. 這也是是第一首楓之谷MapleStory在頻道彈吧 XD

  5. I love the song you chose and your cosplay is beautiful too!!!

  6. Im already up way too late, 03:08 AM EST. But I know I will love the cover when I wake up in the morning (long after the premiere 😔). The cosplay looks good! The good old maple story days in middle/highschool when buying a game was forbidden in my asian side of the family! Lol, love from 🇨🇦
    Edits: Spelling

  7. For some reason I felt a little sad, but with some hope for any meeting. It’s like some sacrifice that someone made and now we remember it with nostalgia. So glad for your interpretations Ru’s. Beautiful cosplay and go ahead!

  8. Excellent as usual : very well performed by a very nice pianist! very well dre”ssed!

  9. 柔柔的旋律帶起了離別、哀傷、懷念的情緒。跟著 RuRu 的音樂和過去美好的遊戲時光重新交會了

  10. Magnífica interpretación como siempre, bella melodia, gran cosplay , muchas gracias 👏🏻👏👏👏👏❤❤❤

  11. It’s so beautiful and lovely !!!
    It’s the kind of songs I’ll listen in loop for days ~~
    You did a great work !!!
    Good job !!!!!

  12. 以前有看過朋友的小孩玩過楓之谷,還挺有趣的一款遊戲,Ruru的琴聲依舊是那麼的美好,療癒力很高的一首曲子!

  13. I immediately feel the relaxing effect after listening to your Incredibly beautiful cover of this magical music.
    Thank you Ru’s Piano

  14. 好聽,前奏柔和的鋼琴音,繚繞在我的腦海裡,裝扮很用心。整體音樂好聽到不能用分數評分,神乎奇技的琴技👍

  15. Buena pieza… Un sonido inocuo y tangible para apreciar mientras disfrutas de la tranquilidad que te puede brindar el convivir contigo mismo 😌👌👍💪❤🔥🔥🔥

  16. Beautiful in every sense, and monumental talent in every note. Phenomenal mastery on all levels.

  17. This is so beautiful. I’m a school going girl and a tree fell in my school and a girl died. I really wanted to vent out a little. This made me feel better. I can’t express the comfort I got through this. Thank you❤✨. And yes, if you’re worried, the situation is under control and there aren’t much casualties!

  18. I was not expecting such a relaxing and soothing sound. This was just wonderful, and as usual love the cosplay

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