Monster Hunter Sunbreak – Malzeno Battle Theme「Scarlet Feast / 朱に染むる夜宴」Ru’s Piano Cover

MHR:S Malzeno Battle Theme「Scarlet Feast / 」Ru's
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Piano Arranged and Performed by RuRu
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Monster Hunter – Malzeno Battle Theme「Scarlet Feast / 朱に染むる夜宴」Ru's

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  1. Malzeno!The Coolest MHS:R Monster
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  2. 這次沒辦法當爵銀Ru,直接cos魔物獵人史上最香的火芽(●ゝω)ノ🍡

    聽完後再一起到Ru’s Gaming頻道刷一波素材~~~

    This time I can’t cosplay as Malzeno-Ru, I directly cosplay as Hinoa who is the most fragrant character of Monster Hunter (●ゝω)ノ🍡
    Malzeno is the coolest monster in Sunbreak, and the BGM is quite difficult and shocking, but for the veteran(?) hunter RuRu, it’s a trivial matter

    After listening to the premiere, let’ go to “Ru’s Gaming” channel to farm material~~

    1. 這次的Bgm節奏好快!還有天慧龍跟鋼龍表示不服,他們倆也很帥

  3. 火芽Ru✨手上還拿著🍡真香~
    (不是拿著🍡香,是都很香!好還原( ›ω‹)و)
    就算不當 爵哥,有 火芽Ru 就給過👌
    太期待彈奏 爵哥戦闘BGM🎼
    剛好首播完就可以繼續接著看 資深獵人 翻滾運動台( ๑^ ꇴ^)۶♡🎮

  4. RuRu魔物獵人進度很快,製作音樂的進度也很快,我最近在努力玩魔物獵人破曉,覺得破曉的魔物很帥氣。

  5. 從RuRu的Ru’s Gaming頻道認識爵銀龍(爵哥)BGM有印象~

  6. Esta es la perfecta combinación entre un magnífico arreglo musical, un gran tema y un hermoso cosplay, el resultado: otro excelente video!!!

  7. 被强烈震撼力所吸引.一次又一次的驚豔像是太陽般全力燃燒.火芽造型很美.

  8. That music was epic. Never played monster hunter but I have always wanted to. Hearing you play this just makes me want to play it more

  9. Oh my good lord, Incredible. I really wish my fingers could do what you do. That’s the first time hearing this boss music and it’s so hype! 😎

  10. 😲😲😲
    No Dancing Hands this time — they were in Full Attack Mode!
    Well played, as always!

  11. Una pieza estimulante… El arte de lo caótico… Así de simple 😜😋🔥🔥🔥🔥💪👍❤

  12. 😮 Me quedo sin palabras, eres muy buena, genial y asombrosa.👍🏾

  13. It’s really nice to hear your incredibly beautiful cover of this magical music.
    Thank you Ru’s Piano

  14. Sem palavras para descrever… 👏👏👏👏👏Perfeito! O cosplay estava maravilhoso! Eu estou contando os segundos para ter você! Até a minha respiração fica difícil quando penso em você! 😍

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