ONE PIECE FILM RED PIANO MEDLEY ✨Ado All Songs Project✨2,200,000 Subscribers Special✨Ru’s Piano

ONE PIECE FILM RED PIANO MEDLEY – Ado All Songs Special Project –
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Song List:
0:00 – Ado
2:21 I'm invincible – Ado
3:59 Backlight – Ado
5:28 Fleeting Lullaby -Ado
6:57 – Ado
8:51 The World's Continuation – Ado
11:13 Where the Wind Blows – Ado
13:06 We Are! / Movie OST

🎼「ONE PIECE FILM RED」Sheet Music Link

2. Backlight


4. Where the Wind Blows

5. We Are!

Piano Arranged and Performed by RuRu
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ONE PIECE FILM RED PIANO MEDLEY ✨Ado All Songs Project✨2,200,000 Subscribers Special✨Ru's Piano

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  1. 2,200,000 Subscribers Special 🍖 YouTubeチャンネル登録者220万人ありがとう!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ🎉✨
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    🎹「ONE PIECE FILM RED」楽譜 Sheet Music:
    1. 新時代 NEW GENESIS
    2. 逆光 Backlight
    3. Tot Musica
    4. 風のゆくえ Where the Wind Blows
    5. We Are!

  2. 睽違了四個多月的大串燒,RuRu必須給大家一些猛料才行
    這次將紅髮歌姬 – Ado的歌曲全收錄,滷粉們可以一部影片直接嗨到底,最後被我藏在壓軸的歌曲榨乾眼淚 (邪惡臉)


    We’ve been waiting for more than four months for the bid medley, RuRu must give you some fierce content.
    This time, I will include all the songs of the ONE PIECE FILM RED UTA – Ado, so that the Ru Fans can directly enjoy a video to the end, and in the end we will be drained of tears by the song I hid in the finale (evil face)

    One Piece is our youth memory! Let’s enjoy 2.2 million subs special video with UTA together!

  3. 好耶😆 慶祝滿220萬訂閱🎉
    由 美音Ru 來為我們彈奏超豐盛的大串燒😋
    (RuRu 可以好好休息(๑•́ωก̀๑) 晚安♡辛苦妳💤)
    聽完首播可別忘了要轉戰另個戰區 鮭魚Ru競賽團🍣 與 Ru醬漆彈團🔫🔴🟡🔵要飛高高🎮

  4. 之前期待已久的220萬大串燒終於來了!每天早上起來讀書時都看到RuRu在發影片,持續這樣2年了,真的很感謝RuRu這樣持續發片,給我動力。現在都已經225萬訂閱了!祝福RuRu早日破300萬!!!

  5. 恭喜RuRu220萬訂閱,Ado新專輯歌曲好聽,大家可以聽的很滿足。

  6. 恭喜RuRu獲得220萬訂閱者,期待你的努力
    In My Coming Birthday I wish that you will be successful in life and I hope we will meet in the future ..

  7. 220萬訂閱
    而且歌曲順序還是照著電影的>< 一定要聽爆這次的串燒阿

  8. 恭喜220萬訂閱!
    第一次聽不愛 第二次聽直接愛上

  9. 恭迎220萬訂閱串燒聖駕,適逢中秋佳節倍感歡喜充滿,爽快聽起來,挺起來!

  10. Me ha gustado mucho!!😊💖
    Excelente interpretacion de las canciones de esta gran pelicula y felicidades por tus mas de 2 200 000 subscriptores, te lo mereces!!!!

  11. Gracias por este hermoso collage musical…por siempre mostrar tu propia perspectiva musical de piezas que siempre estan al nivel de lo que añoramos escuchar cada dia…felicidades… mis mejores deseos y ojala pronto llegues a los 2,500,000 😆👍👏👏👏🔥🎼🎹🎉❤❤❤

  12. So many beautiful melodies played in one go really did give me a great feeling in the ears. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

  13. 美音Ru為了這次大串燒更完美吃了不少不眠菇🍄

  14. Wow, da bekomme ich Gänsehaut! Vielen Dank für dieses wundervolle Medley . Deine Bühne ist in unseren Herzen forever

  15. 在指尖揮舞下,處處藏有著火熱、冰冷、彭湃、溫和、傷痛及淚水. 很棒的串燒,很棒的RURU.220萬訂閱恭喜!

  16. You’re the best and your performance is amazingly amazing RuRu !!!
    You played with such a nice energy ~~
    It was also very technical with very fast notes and many hand jumps !!!!
    The way you alternated between intense and emotional songs was so pleasant ~~ It was like you were telling the story of the movie in another way.
    In overall, all your interpretations are very accurate according to the intentions of the original songs !
    You’re so so so hard working and it’s so admirable !!! You’re a very good exemple for people !
    Please keep working hard and playing with so much passion ~~

  17. Excelente interpretación, música espectacular, magnífico cosplay, muchas gracias , y felicitaciones por los 2.200.000 de suscriptores, 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Love this medley. Especially the wind blows and new genesis
    The movie comes out end of this month here so super hyped for it.

  19. Chacune de tes vidéos redonne du baume au cœur, surtout en ce moment, et pour cela 1000 fois merci 😊😊

  20. Parabéns pelos 2.200.000 inscritos e que interpretação maravilhosa perfeita demais como sempre ❤

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