Road Trip – Jon Schmidt (Bonus Tracks Album) The Piano Guys

Get ready to strike the road with 'Road Trip' by Jon Schmidt! This initial, hectic solo is all about high energy and enjoyable, best for fueling your next adventure. Buckle up, turn up the volume, and let 'Trip' change your day into an unforgettable journey. Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe for more motivating music that moves you! ✨.

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Paul, a Yamaha dealer who dabbled in videography, Jon, a professional pianist, Al, a music producer and studio engineer, and Steve, a cellist with a creative superpower called ADHD, all serendipitously joined forces to produce the most effective YouTube important music group in history. The Piano Guys' mission is to inspire and spread out hope through incomparably creative piano music videos filmed all over the world. On this channel you can regularly discover piano covers of music from categories like top 40, pop, classic rock, R&B, hiphop, country, and more. Make certain to subscribe and make it possible for all post notifications. For instantaneous updates, have a look at The Piano Guys through their social networks accounts linked above.

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Road Trip – Jon Schmidt (Bonus Tracks Album) The Piano Guys

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  1. This is the opening credits track for the 80’s teen movie we never got!

  2. This is perfect timing! My family is going on a route 66 road trip soon. Thx so much!

  3. This is so catchy! I want it again! Thank you for this piece of happiness.

  4. Hands down my favorite Jon Schmidt song to play and one of top favorite songs to play period

  5. This is epic! It would be even cooler if you actually filmed a music video at Monument Valley!

  6. 🎉 traveling greetings from coastal Mississippi. Wonderful upbeat happy music. You can feel the keys dancing 😂. In June 2024, planning on going to Italy ❤. Wish all blessings 🙏

  7. Yesss, I have such good memories of listening to this as a child—especially on road trips! 😆🙏

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