Spice and Wolf (2024) OP – Tabi no Yukue – Piano Cover / Hana Hope

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Hello everyone, this is my first piano cover from the April 2024 season – "Tabi no Yukue" from : Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf.

It is a remake of the series from 2006. The new opening theme, "Tabi no Yukue" (lit. "Destination of the Journey") has a lot of similarities with the opening theme from the 2006 , "Tabi no Tochuu" (lit. "On a Journey").

0:00 Verse (1)
0:24 Pre-chorus (1)
0:36 Chorus (1)
1:28 Verse (2)
1:50 Pre-chorus (2)
2:02 Bridge – I modified the bridge with an idea from "Tabi no Tochuu".
2:28 Chorus (3)
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Q: Where can I buy the MIDI screen?
A: The MIDI display was made using effects, not a real screen.

Keyboard: Roland FP-30X
Sound library: Garritan CFX

▼ Credits
TV Anime "Spice and Wolf: MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF" Opening Theme
(Tabi no Yukue)」

歌 / Performed by:
作曲 / Composed by:ぱやん / Payan
ピアノアレンジ / Piano arr.:HalcyonMusic

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Spice and Wolf (2024) OP – Tabi no Yukue – Piano Cover / Hana Hope

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  1. Absolutely magnificent arrangement! I really love your arpeggios and runs all throughout, they sound incredibly clean and give it a beautiful sense of momentum.

  2. リクエスト!!!request!!!
    I really want to stay at your house | Cyberpunk Edgerunners |

  3. I really like this arrangement which is like swimming in the wheat field, running fingers through those goldens, and the touches are reflected, concretized by the characteristics of piano sound. Additionally, the original one gives me a crystal, clear space, like being at another level of lives, but living in the same dimension, on the same land.

  4. I haven’t even seen the anime yet and yet this song feels oddly nostalgic. Very nice arrangement as always

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