SPY×FAMILY ED2「Color 色彩」Ru’s Piano Cover | When Yor played SPY×FAMILY Ending【Full Ver.】

」Ru's Piano Cover
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SPY×FAMILY ED2「Color 」Ru's Piano Cover | When played SPY×FAMILY Ending【Full Ver.】

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  1. 久違的約兒戰鬥服,本季還是太太最高啦!
    💖大家可以透過超級留言、超級感謝支持RuRu的新作唷!If you like my music, you can use Super Chat and Super Thanks to support me!
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    🎹「色彩 Color」楽譜 Sheet Music:https://ruspiano.gumroad.com/l/jblypg

    1. She’s really beautiful today 😍 💕 💖 ❤️ ♥️ 💗 😍 💕 💖 ❤️ ♥️ 💗 😍

  2. 久等了!間諜家家酒Part2主題曲「色彩」RuRu版來囉~
    SPY x FAMILY Part2 ED “Color” of RuRu version is here~
    This song is so good, but the views of the original song is underestimated. I hope Yor Ru’s piano arrangement can let more people know this song

    1. A lot of Ru videos are under appreciated. More views for this beautiful talent!

  3. 色彩
    好期待老大的詮釋>< 色彩感覺是從安妮亞的角度去呈現出來的一首歌,勇敢追夢、待人親切溫柔的觀點

  4. RuRu 辛苦了,竟然快凌晨五點才完工!! SPYxFAMILY ED2 太令人期待了!

  5. Esta segunda parte no fue tan buena como la primera…Pero escuchar esta interpretacion y poder apreciar ese increible cosplay lo compensa con creces 😆👍💯❤🔥🔥🔥🎵🎶

  6. 辛苦 RuRu 忙到早上才上片🌅
    看到 約兒Ru 穿上久違的黑色戰鬥服😎(帥氣
    再首播前 RuRu 先早點好好休息😴晚安💤

  7. Oh my gosh!! I absolutely love this song! I’ve been waiting for you to do it!! I’m so excited!! Amazing playing!!

  8. 上禮拜一聽到色彩 馬上就愛上這首歌了
    才在想RuRu會不會出作品 結果…!

  9. You’re amazing I wish I could play like you

  10. 這首色彩真得等了很久,今天終於來了!!!(今天剛好也是我生日)原本覺得這首還好,結果聽3次就上癮了!好期待RURU的詮釋><

  11. 辛苦了,為了呈現最好的音樂給粉絲們~忙到快可以看日出了,期待今晚改編版~一定可以幫原曲平反流量滴🎉

  12. 約兒

  13. Need to listen again after the premiere. I really love this! And the cosplay is amazing! Especially like the gloves

  14. 辛苦 RuRu 為了讓這首新曲更完美🤩
    帶給我們這麼好聽的歌🎹滿滿 ”色彩” 🌈
    (來感謝紅紅支持❤️約兒Ru 真(๑′ᴗ‵๑)ノ香✨)

  15. Your arrangement is so beautiful and your interpretation is wonderful !!!!!
    The whole sounds very jazzy and harmonious !!! You arranged so many parts of the songs, even the fuzzy notes !!!
    I was expecting to hear your arrangement so much when I first listened to the song !!!
    I’m so happy because it is better than I expected !!!
    I couldn’t stop smiling while watching your performance !!
    You made me so happy !!
    Thank you so much !!!!!!
    You’re the best best best !!!!

  16. I watched it again!!!
    When I hear and see you it seems that all my problems are over.
    You worked very hard, but there are always rewards at the end, I’m very proud of you, you did it and it’s beautiful, perfect, I love it, the background animation is perfect!!!

    Oh my goddess 🫠 your cosplay today is too sexy RuRu 😍

    It’s very strange to say this but you are my favorite assassin 😅 I think I’d rather call you the perfect wife

    Love you 💗

    ( Now I’ll watch it again to read the lyrics )

  17. Qué casualidad que ayer iba en el metro escuchando la versión de Yama, y pensando en cuándo saldría esta versión. Ufff, le quedó a otro level. Thx so much!!!

  18. Se dice que la musica es un reflejo directo de las emociones…una expresion inexorable de lo que se siente en un momento especifico…y tienen razon 😊😋👍🔥🔥🔥🎵🎼🎶❤

  19. Esta chica tan bien el piano<3 realmente disfruto mucho verla tocar este lindo instrumento💜

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