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This cover was used the Kawai GX-2:


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    1. His style is SO unique and beautiful😩😍I really love playing his arrangements

    2. @Roni Jatkola ​yeah something about them that makes it so unique and never boring. I wish he would make more videos but im happy anyway 🙂 I tried to cover some of his arrangements in the past on my channel and they do take a lot of time getting them to the point where i can play them all the way through in one take xd

    3. Absolutely share tdunc experiences🤗🎹 hey my friend @TDunc Peter is a big inspiration for me like for you and also played some of his arrangements too, he’s just amazing 🙌🏻

    1. I admire him so much to 🙌🏻🎹💖 he is a big inspiration for me playing the piano and also with my channel!

    1. I admire him so much to 🙌🏻🎹💖 he is a big inspiration for me playing the piano and also with my channel!

  1. Wow, Running up that Hill is such a beautiful song to hear on piano

  2. Your virtuosity is so majestic, it takes ones breath away. Thank you so much for this rendition!

  3. Awesome buddy 👍 stranger things was awesome, and so was this cover 👌

  4. YouTube shows us all these great musicians, I always come back to your videos because of the passion, outstanding!

  5. Parabéns pelo seu talento… Só vídeos top de mais… Fica com Deus 🙏

  6. The way his fingers float across the keys is mesmerizing! Once again incredible job!

  7. This was just incredible epic like hell 🎹🔥🔥 who else could do this soundtrack justice then you? Absolutely fabulous and the new lighting here epic!! Just like we would stay in the middle of the scenery from stranger things 🙌🏻
    Thank you for always inspire me to play piano and having my channel!! 🎹💖

  8. Peter, the whole world admires you, you are a talented person, all the best to you, be happy, study, exhibit videos more often.

  9. Thanks for your hardwork Peter… stay healthy so you can always make beautiful music like that. 💙💙

  10. Wow! Your piano playing is absolutely stunning. I can’t find any other way to describe. Your style of playing, the way your fingers move .
    I always watch your videos . You are wonderful!

  11. Вот это мастерство! 👏
    Спасибо за видео, всегда очень интересно не только послушать, но и посмотреть как это у тебя легко получается))

  12. *He is a talent who I really love to hear his latest piano song and the way he performed ♥️. Keep it up Peter*

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