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  1. Sooooo good! I like it. You are so talented! I’m 9 years old boy from Belgrade, Serbia. Are you planning to make some performance in Belgrade? I would like to hear you and meet you. Im your big fan and im learning from your videos. Best regards, Michailo. My family and I listen to your songs all day!

  2. Вау!Ты – талантище!!!Очень красиво,спасибо❤

  3. Wow! That was fuel for the soul. I had really missed your public piano performances. Thank you for this great work and for sharing.

  4. Блин как же мелодично, как красиво, как легко… Так держать! Успехов тебе!!!

    1. @John B Скоро с нами америка покончит)) 3ww

    2. @John B
      Был в моей молодости один очень интересный диджей, Джон Би..
      Я из Украины чувак.

  5. You’re a very professional. I enjoy watching all your videos and listening your songs. Thank you 😊

  6. Música é tudo!! SUCESSO canal. Linda apresentação parabéns. Porto Alegre/ RS/ Brasil

  7. Блин!!! Ну нельзя же быть таким классным!!! Ну ты реально, до неприличия КЛАССНЫЙ!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰

  8. My 8 yr old son is big fan of urs…Inspired by u he is learning piano too…luv from India 🇮🇳🙏

  9. This is by far your very best performance Peter. Outstanding, well done and thank you very much

  10. Через ваши мелодии которые вы играете я мечтаю быть музыкантом и играть на фортепиано вы меня вдохновляете, обожаю ваше усердие

  11. I so much love this arrangement of yours but also the older version. it’s such an wonderful enchanting piece of music. Incredible how good it sounds on that grand piano🎹🔥I played your older version on my channel and always wait and hope to play it on a public piano one day🙏🏻🎹🤗

  12. Qual é a sua idade meu jovem? Sou uma senhora de 92 anos moro em Luziânia-Go próximo de Brasília uns 60km da capital,gosto de ver seus vídeos,vc começou com quantos anos? Minha neta fez um tempo piano depois foi para o teclado,mas não firmou,meu neto também fez só 1 mês,mas não conseguiu decorar as notas e tempos,mas tem uma noção básica de piano. Deus abençoe vc e sua família,dessa senhora que virou sua fã.

  13. Not gonna lie bro, I like how you move your hands softly over the keys, I’m still perfecting my piano skills hopefully I can also play like that🔥🔥✊

    1. Ur gonna get that after like 5 to 7 years of playing. If u are learning by yourself, then i am not even sure if u can learn how to play piano (the positioning of hands and on chair etc.) Anyways good luck😉

  14. Не важно были недочёты или нет. Важно то, что Peter всегда дарит кучу позитивных эмоций и радует нас своими каверами.
    Браво, Питер! Бис! 👏👏👏💐

  15. You, “your” piano and this song… What a beautiful combination…. ♥️

  16. Can’t believe some people couldn’t watch the entire performance. That was such a rare moment to appreaciate❤

  17. empecé a verte en 2020, te lo juro que tienes una habilidad en el piano que muy pocos tienen, muy agradecido de encontrar tu contenido

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