When Chainsaw Man Played「KICK BACK」By Himself | Ru’s Piano Cover【Full Version】

When Chainsaw Man Played「」By Himself
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When Chainsaw Man Played「KICK BACK」By Himself | Ru's Piano 【Full Version】

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  1. 每人聽100遍,少聽一次鋸一次!(史坦威:)
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  2. 不鬧了,直接請來鏈鋸惡魔彈自己的OP啦!!

  3. 淀治Ru!!!
    這個鏈鋸頭也太帥了吧>< 感覺這樣彈琴好辛苦(而且看到到琴鍵嗎 大黑表示怕 這次要換老大 汪!了嗎(X

  4. These guys excudes such a positive energy that they
    tends to lifts everyone’s spirits…❤….

  5. 史坦威:我這輩子還沒想過有人會拿著電鋸在我的面前晃啊晃…

  6. Bien ahí cosplay! ✨👌🏻✨👍🏻 🎹🎶🎶🎶.
    Un cariñoso saludo de Chile Ru’s!

  7. Wait, she’s performing with her eyes covered??? Well, I never doubted her ultra-fast-paced-shifting-hand-movements but this is poggers (please be careful with those dual wielding saws in your hands)

  8. 哇!這封面造型太帥啦🪚
    鏈鋸魔 + 真紀真 無違和感👍
    真期待今天的首播 RuRu 來彈奏🎹汪

    今晚 RuRu 難得早發片📹

  9. Este anime es enervante!!!…uno de mis favoritos en lo que va del año y la musica no se queda atras…digna de una historia increible, envolvente e incluso adictiva como esta…que te atrapa al instante 👍😎🔥🔥🔥

  10. Me gusta mucho Chainsaw Man, ya quiero ver tu cover!!!!
    💢💥🎹💥💢 👀

  11. i am very curious as to how on earth you’ll be playing the piano in that costume haha

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