Alan Walker – Faded | EASY Piano Tutorial

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  1. Dont think this is frustrating I was frustrated but with enough practice you can do it! I know you can!!

    1. I wasn’t frustrated I just found this one part of the song challenging

    2. Thus is one of their easiest tutorial. Like others are also shown in a very nice way but for me this one was a bit easy to learn

    3. Well i got the left hand part and the right hand part. Just can’t play them together.

  2. Thanks for doing this it’s made my life easier, now I can play it! Some bits are hard, plus I’m not even done the whole song but it’s easy thanks for the help!

  3. Just to practice sorry :
    0:07 intro
    0:18 chant
    0:38 refrain
    1:02 atlantis/gauche
    1:12 !!!
    1:25 refrain final
    1:47 refrain final changement

    1. Thank you for this I am learning this song with the help of your this labels
      Thank you very much

    2. @Saranya it was just a joke 🙂 because she said “sorry” when she didn’t have to.

  4. You were the shadow to my light
    Did you feel us
    Another start
    You fade away
    Afraid our aim is out of sight
    Wanna see us

    Where are you now
    Where are you now
    Where are you now
    Was it all in my fantasy
    Where are you now
    Were you only imaginary
    Where are you now

    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Where are you now
    Another dream
    The monsters running wild inside of me

    I’m faded
    I’m faded
    So lost
    I’m faded

    These shallow waters, never met
    What I needed
    I’m letting go
    A deeper dive
    Eternal silence of the sea
    I’m breathing

    Where are you now
    Where are you now

    Under the bright
    But faded lights
    You set my heart on fire
    Where are you now
    Where are you now

    Where are you now
    Where are you now

    Where are you now

  5. Special thanks to you only
    I became a musician by seeing your video
    Thanks bro for teaching us easily 🙏😊

  6. Thank you so much for this video I hope a lot more people will learn how to play faded piano 🙂

  7. This was sooo helpful thank you for making this video! Everything I play this for my friends when they come over they think I am a genius! Thanks again! 😇😇😇🎹🎹🎹

  8. Brain : this is easy
    Eyes : this is also easy
    Fingers : …………since when was this easy

    1. couldn’t’ve said it better. Especially the chorus part. I have this project in school, and I wanted to play this for it. I didn’t work on it all these, days, and now it is due tomorrow, and I’m trying my best to learn it now… I really regret thinking this was going to be easy. It is worth 30% of my marks this year in music.

  9. Phianonize Is the true way to learn to play piano, I learned “my heart will go on”from here and now this one, I’m doing well so far… Thanks Phianonize!

  10. This song’s amazing I can’t believe how simple it is to play on piano.😀

    1. same i never knew it was this easy i will post a cover of it soon on my channel if you want to check it out maybe sub if you would like 🙂

  11. Really this one is a big task and those who studied this, they are well talented.
    And they are legends

  12. Man! This channel is amazing, tutorials for so many songs I love are on here, that too at a difficulty level that I can work with, Im so happy I found this channel, it definitely deserves more than a million subscribers!

  13. Thanks so much! This tutorial was a life saver, memorized everything by heart except for the bridge! Doing it now, bet it won’t be hard!

    1. @Saravanan M it’s like the “diffrent” part of a song. Ever heard of drivers license by Olivia rodrigo? When she sings the part “RED LIGHTS STOP SIGNS J STILL SEE YOUR FACE IN THE WHITE CARS FRONT YARDS CANT DRIVE PAST THE PLACES WE USED TO GO TO AND I STILL FING LOVE U BAEEEE OOOOOO” It’s like the “emotional” part of the songs where everything gets crazy.and so, on this song, it starts at 1:05

    2. @It’s just me, Jannah. got it, thankss… the first time I heard the word bridge(in musical context) was when Valerie (RiverDale, yes I watch riverdale) asked Josie whether she could sing at the bridge…

  14. Just got a keyboard for Christmas and this was first song tutorial I saw. Been trying for almost an hour but have got the first 17 seconds just about. Biggest challenge is thinking about the key letters while I’m doing it but I’ll get there eventually 💪

    1. @hermioneginn 5 Tbh this piece is very good for starting off just past 1min though the dif spike is challenging

  15. it sounds so good
    its easy to play on piano
    the first song i learned on piano
    one of my favorite songs

    Nice videos keep up the good work

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