APRP Themes Soundtrack Compilation

00:00 Anveous
03:30 Bremma
04:58 Catasoros
07:02 Dilitricio
08:44 Contaminated User
10:50 Krampus Complete
17:11 Nessionate Assister
19:08 New Gatekeeper
22:08 Peb
24:53 Skeleton Evil spirit
26:08 Shining Dawn
29:21 Unknown Traitor
32:52 Valentine Teddy
35:51 Walious
40:53 Warming Early morning
44:53 Woshe
46:26 Wrole
48:01 Vilo
51:16 Cupig
54:30 Lotham
57:22 Hara
59:48 Geluda
1:03:11 Jester
1:05:52 Clowny Remodel
1:09:56 Roger Reindeer
1:13:26 Birthday Piggy
1:18:06 Eric
1:21:12 Kelvin
1:25:58 Diala
1:29:22 Skull Girl
1:33:13 Tourist
1:36:47 Halloween Update
1:40:18 Scarecrow
1:43:36 Sweetshop style
1:48:15 Menu Theme
1:52:45 Lobby Style
1:56:50 Trailer APRP The Return
1:58:33 New Menu Style
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APRP Themes Soundtrack Compilation

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    1. He well he just got to wait for new updates for APRP and then make it

    1. @PiggyMasterY people are still making videos on piggy even after it ended, shows how dedicated the fanbase is

  1. I love it especial the robot and anveos being honest there all great!! There soooo goooooooooooooood

  2. Construction site’s building and soundtracks are so well made, thanks for making such a masterpiece!

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