BIGBANG – Still Life (Piano Cover) #Shorts #PianellaPianoShorts

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BIGBANG – (Piano ) # #PianellaPianoShorts

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  1. This is literally my favorite part of the song thank you for making it sound even more beautiful 💙💙

  2. So cool🤯🤯
    I’ve been watching for some time and I appreciate you so much that you always post piano covers as soon as the song is released 🎈🎈
    As a piano learner for almost 10 years, I appreciate the work so much as arranging the song takes time, practice also takes long time🤯
    And you are always finishing all those processes few days after the song is released
    Keep it up and pineapples are always there to support you 💓💓

  3. Only in your incredibly beautiful performance you can listen to a really beautiful cover of this magical music.
    Thank you Jova

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