Crutar’s Axe – Official Soundtrack – Piggy: Branched Realities Chapter 2

I believed I 'd upload this with the cutscene however with no sound results.
Here's the original theme that I made for the ending to Piggy: Branched Truths Chapter 2, that was not included due to the fact that of time constraints in the original game, but was later on submitted by PghLFilms in this video:

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Crutar's Axe – Official Soundtrack – Piggy: Branched Realities Chapter 2

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  1. Fits perfectly with the scene, this soundtrack is great!
    Hmmmm the final part is interesting… I wonder why is the tomb empty

    1. Because Crutar used Willow’s bones to make the axe… that’s why it smells funny.

    2. @Piano Vampire I know, I figured it out before the cutscene showed Willow’s empty tomb. I was just being ironic lol
      Now I’m surprised Doggy thought these were fake bones.

  2. The axe is made by willow’s bones

    So the theory is that Crutar dig up willow’s dead body and uses her bones to create new axe. It smells so bad because it all the guts and blood and dirt of it.

  3. As a cellist, you absolutely read my mind on what this soundtrack for this scene would be! Incredible job, man. Keep it up.

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