Duocara Theme – Piano Remix – Piggy Roblox

My variation of the style for the skin of from Roblox game Piggy, which was composed by @KaiuDex
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Theme – Remix – Piggy Roblox

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  1. Dang! You already made a remix of his theme before KaiuDex even uploaded the soundtrack!

  2. wow cool I also like playing piggy since I was 7! I cannot believe it has new monster

  3. Dam this is the loudest and best I can find I’ll be turning loop mode on 🙂

  4. i can listen this everyday the remix is smooth and catching same time nice work bro!

  5. Bro released his remix before KaiuDex could release the official one- 💀

  6. Nice fact: this remix uploaded at youtube for 2 hours earlier than the original KaiuDex’s Duocara’s theme

  7. Wish I could get this skin but my accounts been deleted and I don’t think it’ll be back before this event ends

  8. This music is truly relaxing and amazing! Thanks a lot Piano Vampire for this type of soothing content.

  9. I lost the stream again ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ
    This remix is a masterpiece!! I still couldn’t beat dUoLiNgOcara lol

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