Foxy New Theme – Piano Remix – Piggy Roblox

This is my remixed variation of the new style for the character of Foxy from the Roblox video game Piggy.
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Foxy New Theme – Remix –

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  1. I honestly really like Foxy’s new theme. It fits him better with his new look, and whatever personality he had before, then that silly carnival theme. This remix even more sounds great. Amazing job! 👏

  2. Heya! I know this is irrelevant and 5 months old now, but anyway this is about the Distorted Piggy theme you made 5 months ago. Could you add a version without the screeching? I believe it would be enough to make its own remix! I love it so much, and I think everyone would love it even more if it was the in-game Distorted Piggy’s skin theme. Let’s make it happen! The Lab chapter is far too quiet, and I believe the theme you made deserves to be added into the game. Keep up the great work!

  3. Omg, this is amazing!!! It feels adventurous, magical and dangerous idk why but it feels perfect, lol!

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